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the oly software is very sad as i have out. if you use the 'edit' mode for raw processing you seem to get different results if you use the so called 'raw' mode. at least thats what i noticed with the sharpening tool. the instant fix button seems to be very good if you only have the oly software!

I presume tiff files are just uncompressed jpegs. ie: all the adjustments you make on the camera are applied when the photo is taken??

as for [email protected] DOF to RAW button firmware upgrade.....I wouldn't hold your breath as it has been reported elsewhere that olympus are not officially supporting the e300 anymore. A more useful firmware upgrade would be a true ESP metering fix or a return to factory upgrade of the whitebalance. I seem to to have consistant whitebalance if you keep it on the bright sunny day setting.
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i use a E 500 so i can continue hoping.. but no holding breadth for it..with enough practice i should be able to do it blind

has anyone tried having a saved custom setting for raw and another for jpeg ?
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what size card do you use ? I have a 1GB card and am always worried ill run out of space with RAW!
I use a 4 gig Smartmedia Extreme III...I admit though that I only go out on 1/2 day outings in the city, or shoot in the studio, so I don't take enough shots to fill up the card even with RAW+SHQ.

I would probably change my setting if I was going on vacation...probably then I'd still shoot RAW, but with a lower resolution SQ mode, probably 1024x768 just so I can quickly send shots out, and save the RAWs for later processing and printing.
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I have the E-300 and I shoot RAW ONLY. Well, once in a while for a purpose that I have no real responsibility for, I'll shoot SHQ, but for anything I'm really concerned about, it's RAW or nothing. The white balance is real iffy on the E-300, even with the firmware updates, and there is simply sooo much more leeway in all your adjustments when using RAW, that I can't go back. The E-1's Jpeg engine is supposed to be excellent, but I don't think the same can be said for the one on the E-300. But the RAW files give you great leeway.

I use Silkypix for my RAW developer, and IMO it really shines--overall it probably doesn't take any more time than using SHQ and then adjusting with PS afterwards, and again IMO it's more straightforward. Plus, you've got the original "negative" (RAW file) that you can save and then go back and develop later with any other RAW developer just to see what differences are possible. The only disadvantage is the file size. Yes, you have to have more CF cards (and fast ones; Sandisk Extreme III) on hand to keep up with the action, and more room on DVD or hard disc (whatever) for storage. But if you're after the best quality, definitely go RAW.
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