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Riceburner Jul 27, 2005 11:09 PM

Hi all, just joined the forum.

Basically I torn between the Olympus E300 kit with 2 lenses and the Canon Rebel XT kit. The XT kit lens has a plastic mount! That and the error99 codes I keep reading about.
On paper the XT seems like a better camera, but in the real world it might not be, depending on use. The EVolt has the sensor "cleaner" that's a good thing. The XT has 7 focus points and the EVolt has 3...but in use it seems easier to set the EVolt to focus on the spot I want, at least on a quick trial in the store...or maybe it was the settings the demo model was on. The XT is almost too small and the EVolt has that stupid ridge in the grip...maybe a razor could solve that issue. :lol:

Realistically most of the shooting I've done in the last few years haven't been beyond the EVolt kit would be all I'll need for a while. I need convinsing...:-)

oh and back to the subject of the the USB port in the E300 USB1.1 or 2? I see conflicting details online and in the brocures. Was the early released models 1.1 and the newer ones 2.0?

Kanji Jul 28, 2005 7:37 PM

I think that it is a usb 1.1. I have the Canon xt and the E300. The Canon shoots cleaner pictures,but I like the colors from the Olympus better. The canon kit lens isn't very good at least mine isn't. With the Canon it seems everyone is lens chasing ,looking for the best lens. With the Canon,be prepared to spend almost what you spent for the camera, for one lens,to get the quality pictures out of it. With the Olympus two lens kit, you are set for awhile for lenses ,as both the lenses supplied are good,especially the telephoto.They both focus well for me, their sizes are o.k.,and the ridge on the Olympus provides a better grip ,for me .If you are going to shoot motorcycles as per your avatar,I would get get the Canon,or maybe a Nikon with a nice 2.8 mediumzoom.

Riceburner Jul 29, 2005 9:47 AM

Thanks for the info.

I'm an ex-semipro shooter running Nikon film gear. The dslr is for family use mostly. I'm usually not shooting bikes, I'd rather be riding ''s me in the avatar....but I want some of the ability I have with my film gear, and sports and motorsports is some of the subjects. It's a shame that all the $ I have invested in my film gear is lost with the DSLR move. I could always go Nikon and manually focus. :)

Riceburner Sep 12, 2005 6:48 AM

weird, nust saw this on the OLY q+a page

What USB type is compatible with the E-300 camera?

You can use USB2.0 Full-Speed (1.5MB/sec.) with the camera.

mgb Sep 21, 2005 8:54 AM

Remember that usb1.1 and usb2 "Full speed" are the same thing - ie 12MB/s = 1.5Mbyte/s
Same for all the entry level cameras Canon350/NikonD50/E300

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