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Default E5 owners... A penny for your thoughts on the new Oly

Hi Guys

As a few of you now have had the E5 for sveral months shooting a variety of subjects, so I'd be really happy if you can share your thoughts on the new camera - pros and cons and how it compares to your previous Oly - with regards to IQ, AF, ISO performance, esp those of you that have both HG and SHG glass, and what the prints actually look like if you've got around to printing any shots.



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I've made exactly one print of an E5 file. It was a shot from one of my hockey games at ISO 2000, was a 30x40 inch (76x101cm) print on Metallic paper, and it looks great. I need to send some orders in for more normal, smaller-sized prints, which I would expect to be very nice.

I cannot wait to get to the horse track this April after having tried the E5's continuous AF in doing some serious bird shooting for the first time and shooting at several NHL hockey games. I expect nothing but race after race of as many well focused images as I can capture in the 5-7 seconds of up close action you get each race. Thoroughbreds are MUCH easier to follow and keep accurately framed than even the biggest birds in flight or a hockey player shifting around the rink during a game, and I have a feeling this will be the best season of racing images yet.

Can't really quantify the AF system's performance for you other than, the E5's continuous AF operation has allowed me to shoot and capture images in a way I've not been able to do with any prior Olympus DSLR.

The ligher AA filter shows in the details. I would think for studio work at lower ISO settings, file quality should be stunning.
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Start off with a little thing...

The addition of the SD slot is a big one. I use it most of the time just so I don't need to get the big card reader out all the time. Now there really is a second card slot that I consider using.

For high ISO, I considered 800 the max with the E-3 and I didn't like that very much. The E-3 showed pattern noise when you went 4-digit ISOs if you weren't careful. That has changed with the E-5. ISO 800 is very nice, ISO1600 shows some noise at 100% that just seems to disappear at regular viewing sizes on a monitor or print (I've done nothing as big as Greg's 30x40). Most of the time I'm not crazy about ISO3200, but I still allow the camera to choose it as its maximum on "auto ISO". I think the best I can say about the E-5 is that I've left it set to auto since I've had the camera, and I NEVER thought of doing that with the old E-3.

If you shoot JPEG, the E-5 does very well. You can actually use the shadow lifting feature with some success. The problem is now I save both JPEG and raw to the detriment of my hard drive.

Now IQ...
I liked the E-3. Still do. It does a nice job.....
I love the E-5. Where the SHG lenses and 50 macro out-resolved the E-3 sensor, it no longer does with the E-5. Now I can see changes in the aperture settings that weren't there with the E-3. The E-5 captures more detail and there is no doubt of that.

I think its the same focus system, but more refined. The E-3 was jittery and jumppy. The E-5 is much more sure of its job. It seems to have enough computing power and I alway thought the old E-3 lacked. The 50 macro can be used in dimmer light without driving you nuts missing focus and racking back and forth.

C-AF is much less frustrating with the E-5. It has to be babied less, holds the subject longer, and as a whole is much more capable that the E-3. It still has difficulty with rapidly approaching subjects.

Overall, the E-5 is less quirky and allows an added measure of confidence while using it. Results are very good. For me, it was worth the upgrade.

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