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Default E50 rumours and the state of sensors...

Not sure if you've noticed the rumours regards a possible E50 being announced but if not I thought I'd mention it. Its just a rumour on 43 rumours but it follows up from a few comments made by Oly recently regards their inability to get the HG/SHG lenses to focus on m43 as fast as they should do.

Personally, I'm not holding my breath as Watanabe specifically stated that the EXX series was replaced by the E-5 and that all EXXX/EXX should either get a Pen or move to an E-5. There was also the leak of a Oly presentation a little while ago where it was showing the E-5 as a stop gap to the m43 pro. Now if it does show up that would be great news but only if they have spent some R&D on improving the weakness in the current E30/E5's etc otherwise its still just a token. If its simply a shoe horned Pen with the same old senor and surrounding circuits then .. it had better be priced right otherwise whose going to bite ? Or is it simply too late and that Oly's original statement to existing EXXX/XX users meant that the majority of them have upgraded to the E5 or moved on.. ?

Now regards the sensors in the new Pens, it had been rumored that they had designed a new 12MP sensor but from what I've been able to gather its simply the same old 12MP Pana sensor with tweaks made by Oly. I was a little surprised that they hadn;t gone with the new 16MP sensor in the G3 or perhaps they should have commissioned Pana to make a 12mp version of it instead. I'm amazed that Oly has been unable to source the latest sensors from Pana or were unwilling to do so as there has clearly been a marked improvement in Panny's sensor development. Its also been suggested that Oly should have sourced a 4/3 sized sensor from SOny, esp as theyre latest APS-C sized sensor in the K5/D7000 is doing some really amazing stuff.

From Thom Hogans blog:

"The big news, though, is that Olympus has taken the Panasonic Live MOS sensor and modified it. The exact modifications are still unknown. One person I trust who apparently has an E-P3 under test says he sees a one-stop improvement."



: o )>

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Hi Harj,

I would love nothing better than to see Olympus release a fourthirds dslr that finally meets the requirements of it constituents. It would do a lot to quell the unrest throughout the Olympus user community.

The other major concern is the large scale dumping of Olympus equipment by long time faithful users of the 4/3 system. I'm including myself in this category.

BUT, in order to placate the fears and anxiety of the olympus user base, they have got to correct some, in my opinion, deficiencies- that frankly i don't think they can. i.e.

1-They need a much more sophisticated Auto Focus system than currently available on any Olympus camera body. AND I'M NOT TALKING about auto focus speed. My E-30 focuses very quickly. that isn't the point. It's the ability to lock onto a bird in flight ( as an example) and stay locked on. There is no Olympus camera that I have had in my hand that can do that. I haven't used the E-5- my guess is that it is not as good as the D90 I have.

2- Noise, I have read many articles, about the relatively minor practical size differential there is between the 4/3 and the APC cropped sensors used by most of the competition. Wrotniak went on and on about the differences were so minor as to become a moot point. WELL, Noise is still with us today.
The D90 clearly can provide a very clean and IMO, a cleaner image than the E-30-case closed.
The sensors, jpeg engine, processors and AA filters released by Olympus show marked improvement. But with each new iteration, they continually almost catch up to the competitions' previous release of a dslr.

In short, Olympus is giving me nothing to think that they will come up with a groundbreaking new full sized four thirds dslr that goes out ahead of the pack as opposed to barely catching up to the slowest dogs in the race.

Sorry to sound so harsh. Just trying to keep it real.


Zig Guzikowski


So you want to be a better photographer? Open your eyes and take a look at what is all around you.
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I'm a bit skeptical about that, and I think it will be interesting to see what Olympus does with that. And I say that because I think it is very hard to envision an e-50 that doesn't step on olympus' own toes.
The e-30 was released enough time after the e-3 release that there were no issues of "stepping on its toes." Then the e-5 adapted most of the e-30 innovations to the e-3 body and that became the e-5.
But now, given how it is less than a year later from the e-5, how does olympus release something new without stepping on the toes of its flagship?
If the e-50 has a new, better sensor, wouldn't that anger people who less than 1 year ago spent 1700 on a camera with an older sensor? And wouldn't it essentially kill off any potential e-5 sales going forward? Same thing for other new features. If, on the other hand, it keeps the same features as the e-5, with the thinner AA filter, is that enough of an improvement over the e-30 to get people interested?

I think it will be very interesting to see how they will sort out the features/price in a way that gets people interested without cannibalizing e-5 sales.
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"is that enough of an improvement over the e-30 to get people interested?"

It is for me. The e30 is a great camera but LOW ISO noise is always present, though easy to post process away with Topaz DeNoise. I'd value the e5 sharpness and noise improvement over the e30, and I'd prefer to do less post processing. An e50, basically an e5 stripped of the weather sealing and weight would make me spring.
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I think they need to find themselves again. They need to engage the same things we all have had some issue with from time to time, and there are some obvious ones that need a new approach from management.

We hear often that the lens system is mature, to me this is just talk for no more development. I think if they want to be serious about continuing 4/3rds they need to fill the gaps with something more than more mid range zooms. If they went with a HG 200-400 zoom (400-800mm EFL) they could capture a stronger presence in the wildlife and sports shooters market, and this is an obvious corner to pursue b/se of the crop factor and the availability of sealing, just one freakin lens could make a big difference to the fortunes of the SLRs. Also they should lift the ceiling on f/2 lenses, given this system is more ISO limited they need to offer faster lenses. When you look at the flash setup, the design limit is f/1.4, yet they held lenses back from that in what is purely a political move, a management decision to strictly hold to 7 degrees of telecentricity.

Sensor development is another area where they need to be at the fore b/se of the inherent limits to 2x EFL systems. Sony's sensor development advances in APSC have moved them closer into the corner occupied by FF, and now we look to be lacking in this area. The problems are well discussed and not unique, the average choices are really what's offered by Kodak, Sony, Panasonic, Foveon, Fuji and Aptina, and even any of these wont be enough. For they start at a 0.56 - 0.72 stop deficit from canon 1.6 and 1.5x APSC. If people are finding Panasonic, Kodak, and Foveon too noisy, that doesnt leave a lot of other options that can pass the test. They simply wont advance without their own sensor development, but fortunately they seem to be making steps into this area. In this way other companies can do the fabs and Olympus can handle the development. I just hope they more more progressively and with more rapidity, perhaps including a replacement for the Bayer layer using Truesence (which recovers a stop or so)

I think they should keep the SLRs and the mount, but I think they need to differentiate from micro. They can do this by holding the pro gear together there, perhaps by increasing sensor size, maintaining weather proofing, and adding long lenses (which do not ride well on micro). It might make sense then to ditch the SG lens range while continuing SHG and HG range in a more cost effective way. While micro has been successful in Asia, western countries dont appear to be picking it up the same way. In these places perhaps SLRs will do better, particularly if they for once put some effort into it. I dont mind if we just end up with one SLR model, but I dont want to see it languish as 3yrs between models. I dont care if the outside never changes again, but I would want to see changes where they are important, on the inside.

I like this system a lot, and I dont want to lose it due to some whacked out management idea of what they think is good for them is also good for me. Sorry if Im raving but Im inclined to speak myself horse whenever the opportunity presents itself

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I have less than 600 dollars in the 510 with the 14 42 and 70 300. I have had an incredible amount of fun and on occasion some good results with what some would call less than a mediocre setup. I have to deal with low light ability, exposure issues, and difficulty in focus lock but since I'm not a professional and more of an amateur with an occasional sale here and there, I prefer not have equipment with multi thousand dollar price tags.
I think it's a natural progression to want more and more, better and better, and when we invest in a system and they stop progressing it's frustrating, like buying a new 58 Edsel and finding out they don't have a new updated model to buy so you end up switching to a Chevy : )
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