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Marc Z. Apr 14, 2006 8:08 PM

I'm deciding between a D50 and E500. Would use to take general family pix as well as pix of children playing football, basketball and baseball. Does anyone have experience using the AF-C on E500? While I'm at it, is the issue of noise for E500 as bad as one might get the impression? Thanks.

-=edge=- Apr 14, 2006 9:04 PM

as for noise, i haven't seen an abnormal amount of noise...and only on higher ISO settings have i really seen any...say 320+..being even more noticeable at higher ISO's

mckennma Apr 14, 2006 9:15 PM

I shot some kids playing roller hockey. They turned out decent. I have done moving vehicles and did not get blur.

JimC Apr 15, 2006 12:58 PM

Indoors or outdoors?

If you are going to shoot indoor sports in typical school Gym lighting, or night sports under typical stadium lighting, you may need to use higher ISO speeds to reduce the amount of motion blur in your photos.

Low light sports is very demanding of a camera.

Some of our forum members shooting with the EOS-20D routinely use ISO 1600 or 3200 shooting at f/2.8 or larger apertures (smaller f/stop numbers) to get shutter speeds up to where they want them for less motion blur for indoor sports like basketball. Some prefer to use primes (for example, 50mm f/1.8, 85mm f/1.8 ), even with higher ISO speeds available (since you can get brighter primes compared to zooms).

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