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cristovao12 wrote:
Hello all, new member to the forums here!

With this E500 only having ISO 100-400, will I still have problems taking photos in dark settings?
I have an E500 and it has an ISO boost setting that can do up to ISO 1600.
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thanks...I started reading on a number of sites including this one and found that it does indeed have up to ISO 1600.

I think I'm just gonna bite the bullet and pick it up this weekend. Regardless, if anyone has any advice, please let me know.
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B&H Photovideo in NYC have the E410 + kit lenses and the E510+twin kit lenses listed for 899.00 and 999.00 respectively:


Not sure if you want to wait a bit or give BH a call and see if they can indicate a release date.



:? :O
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Not sure if you're all up for a story but here it is anyway.

So, on Friday afternoon I made the decision to go to Futureshop and pick up the camera. When I checked online, it said there were over 50 available and that it was in stock in four of the six Calgary stores. I was going to stop on my way home but didn't get out of work on time. My girlfriend and I were heading to her parents just North of the city and I commented that we'd just stop on the way home and pick it up. At first, she thought we wouldn't be able to as we wouldn't be back in the city in time so I just resolved to going first thing Saturday morning.

At around 8pm, she asked if we wanted to leave early so that I could get the camera and I dismissed that thought. However, I decided to check online just to make sure everything was OK. That's when I discovered that no store in the PROVINCE had it in stock anymore and there were only 22 available Canada-wide. I started to panic. I don't have a credit card to order online and I thought I had just thrown away the opportunity to get my first dSLR at a great price.

After discussing it with her brother-in-law, he suggested I check Best Buy or London Drugs but neither had it. He agreed to let me use his credit card, I went back online and it was down to only 18 left. Only twenty minutes had passed. Just as I was ordering online, two more were gone. I quickly placed the order and once it was confirmed, it stated "OUT OF STOCK". Yikes!

I called Futureshop and the woman was helpful but couldn't confirm that I did indeed get my order in on time. She was optomistic though. I would have to wait until Monday to verify.

On Saturday, I started checking with the local small camera shops to see if they too were offering the deal when I discovered that Saneal Cameras did. There are two shops very close to my home downtown but they were already closed. I resolved to being at their door when they opened on Sunday but discovered they were not open until Monday. Their two mall locations were though and I woke up on Sunday in time to make the call to find out if they had any left in stock. The Southcenter location answered 15 minutes before opening and John informed me they did indeed had one in stock but asked how soon I could get there. I told him "no more than 45 minutes" and he took my name. I called Futureshop and found out that my camera was on back-order. I cancelled the order and the race was on.

I arrived in less than 30 and he passed off some customers to another clerk to help me after I walked in and asked for him. He was EXTREMELY helpful and pointed out that I could bring the camera into their stores for ANY warranty issues whereas Futureshop wouldn't have touched it unless I had bought THEIR extended warranty service.

I am now the proud owner of the E500. I realize it's not the greatest dSLR out there but in five days of just tinkering around with it, I'm extremely happy and excited. I'm going camping for the May 2-4 long weekend next week and am just hoping for fantastic weather to really go to town taking pictures in the mountains.

Now that you've wasted your time reading my silly story, I do actually have a question regarding Compact Flash. I've looked around and have found a number of different models, sizes and types of CF. What I'm really looking for is opinions from anyone who uses CF for their cameras and whether or not the new "faster" models are really worth paying the extra price. The SanDisk Ultra II CF 4GB model boasts read/write times of 10MB/9MB whereas the standard SanDisk CF 4GB doesn't list any R/W times. Your thoughts?
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An E-500 would be an excellent buy right now. It is a proven camera. It didn't really have any major "bugs" when it came out, but anything there was has now long since been fixed with firmware. If you don't want/need live view or IS, it simply is an exellent camera. It has an 8mp sensor, which, all the hype aside about the "need" for more mp's, is for most of us way more than enough. I comes with two excellent kit lenses. It has a big, nice lcd screen. For the price you can get it for now, it's amazing.
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