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Does anyone know if the Image Stabilization on the E510 works with the older OM manual lenses? When I enable the IS with a kit lens you see it on the display screen, but when I attach an OM lens it disappears. As for the pics, it's 50-50 mix. Some good, some bad. So I'm not sure.

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No,IS isn't possiblewith the older lenses. The camera needs to know what focal length the lens is that is attached for the IS to work, and without the necessary electrical contacts it can't.
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Thanks for the reply.

I was hoping it would work. I was also leaning towards it working because when you turn the camera off, you can feel the camera vibrate. According to the manual, this is the IS system vibrating, so I hoped it was still activated.

Thanks again.
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Pentax takes the approach of letting the user enter in a focal length with the K100D and K!0D when using older MF lenses.

But, I've seen some user tests with Konica Minolta dSLR models using MF lenses via adapters and the Anti-Shake still works (even though KM didn't officially support the use of Manual Focus lenses on these models and the camera is not aware of the focal length of these types of lenses). So, they must have used some kind of intermediate value for the algorithms when a lens is not detected.

I'd try the E-510 and see what you get, taking plenty of test shots both ways (stabilization both on and off) to see how it behaves (enough shots at a variety of shutter speeds to reach some kind of conclusion).

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OCD is right. Wrotniak has tried it: http://www.wrotniak.net/photo/oly-e/e510.html

(Not quite all: in the Olympus E-510 the image stabilization turns off once the camera detects a legacy lens, i.e., one not if the Four Thirds standard....
Wrotniak does not seem too keen on IS. I am as I have just ordered an e-510 today.


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