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zig-123 wrote:
As for why Olympus just doesn't offer these as firmware upgrades to E-510 owners- I think it's due to the pressure to keep introducing newer,better, faster, etc DSLR cameras to keep up with competitive releases.
They rather make a "new" camera and make more money, than to just supply a new firmware which will give the features away for free. It's one of the reasons why I hate Olympus the company. Here's an example of an amazing company:

You may not know this but even sewing machines are highly computerized these days and they even have firmware upgrades. We have a Pfaff 2140 which was introduced many years ago. Soon after buying the 2140 Pfaff brought out the 2144, but where Pfaff is much better than Olympus is that Pfaff provided the 2144 firmware to 2140 users for FREE, in essence turning the 2140 into a 2144. Then not too long ago Pfaff brought out another model, the 2170, and again Pfaff brought out a FREE firmware upgrade for not only owners of the previous model the 2144, but ALSO for the 2140!!! That would be like E-500 users were given a firmware that turned it into an E-520 (at least where the software features are concerned)!

Imagine if Olympus did that, imagine the E-1, E-300 & E-500 with features added like multi-colour histograms, wireless flash (except E-1), improved processing, and LIVE VIEW (as implemented on E-510) for FREE!

Based on history the only firmware upgrades that Olympus is interested in supplying for the "orphaned" products is upgrades that will get them more sales, like fixing the EC-20 teleconverter issue.

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they should fix up the jpeg curve in 510 so that it has better roll-off, but i doubt you can retrofit CDAF, add wireless flash, provide deeper DR.

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Rriley wrote:
I would have preffered that they issue 520 with a large OVF (which is the smallest OVF in the industry) and articulated LCD. So a semi-pro camera sitting in between might better cover the options.


As much as I would enjoy usingan articulated LCD, the feature I wish the E-510 had is a larger OVF. It's probably the most compelling reason for me to upgrade to the E-3

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Hi gang: just a little more info:


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Looks like a great camera, but then again, I feel the E510 is too, at least for my low level of dslr experience.

The new improvements have appeal, but not enough for me to switch at this point in time. To be honest none of the improvements seem all that groundbreaking. I'm not sure that "beyond a successor" is an accurate catchphrase. Yes there are some improvements to an already great camera that I love, but some are pretty ho-hum. 0.2" improvement onlcd size for example.

Anyway, it's still a win win for everyone imo. Some can save on the E510 if they time it right, and the other's can have a camera with some common complaints taken care of.
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