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Scouse Aug 25, 2008 12:46 PM

I felt the need to get out and shoot some photos the other evening but couldn't decide where. Then I remembered this small, little known park at the top of the island.

It'd been a really clear day after a day of wind and rain so I thought that I'd get clear sky for a sunset. Not to be though as the clouds came up again but I think it made for more interest.

The area is called English Bay. (sort of apropos, huh:-)) An area of log pilings from the turn of the 19th century where the loggers would float all the downed, trimmed, lumber for the sailing ships to hoist aboard and haul them off to either Alaska for the gold rush towns or the building boom in San Francisco.

Now it's a peaceful little park with some tidal flats, and driftwood. The piles have had birdnests attached to them now for the kingfishers and swallows and they are well used, I got dive bombed by the swallows, perhaps they were just picking off the mosquitoes from over my head?

I arrived a little late and had to move fast just utilizing the 70-300. I set the aperture to f18 to see if I could pull in some more DOF with the long shots that meant exposures of around 1/3 so the IS (T-R-I-P-O-D) was nessessary..... and managed a few shots before losing the light.

First I had to try Mt Baker, well it does dominate the area! Had to back down to about 200 (400) mm. Caught some mottled sunlight on the Mtn.

Backed right down to catch the bay and piles in here.

The last of the sun on the Cascades with the piles.

Looking north up the coast.

and a final one as the sun left Mt Pilchuck.

Just as I quit and packed up the gear, I stopped just to look around. Looks like some good shots on the tidal marshes with tiny flowers among them. Then just as I started towards the car a family of otters came through the piles. They are so much fun to watch!!!First Ithought there where 3 of them, then heads kept popping up until at one time I counted 6 heads. Made my evening!!!!

I'm not really satisfied with my photos with this lens yet, are we ever? I need to be as good as I feel the lens can be. "Practice!)

Great area for sailing though, I'm off tomorrow and that's where I'll be...!!!

Greg Chappell Aug 25, 2008 12:59 PM

We all should have such nice subject matter to choose from!

The first image has some great detail in it. As you said, the light level really restricted what you were doing given the aperture you chose to shoot with.

Knowing below f11 difraction starts taking it's toll, you might want to not stop down quite as far as least for landscapes. Up close it's almost necessary, but I'd need to go back and check my files...I don't think I've shot anything at a smaller aperture than f8 or f11 with this lensunless I was in program modeand didn't pay attention before tripping the shutter.

Scouse Aug 25, 2008 2:41 PM

Yeh, really can't blame the subject can I.

I'd normally shoot something like this at f8, that's usually the 'sweet spot' on the lens but I was pushing for more DOF, and can see that I did overdo it. I'll try f16 when using a wider lens for landscapes, that gives me a better foreground but as you say (and I knew better) f18 with a long lens is too much considering the light. But I'm a stubborn coot and "Like" to learn the hard way.

Thanks for your comments Greg, it's positive crit. like that that helps and reinforces the right way of doing things.

DAMN! Now I've got to go out and reshoot .....:-)

HarjTT Aug 25, 2008 4:00 PM

Scouse.. what a wonderful landscape you have at your doorstep! Now that would be an excuse to reshoot all the time!



:? :O

zig-123 Aug 26, 2008 8:43 AM

Hi Ken,

As Harj and Greg have already stated, you sure live in beautiful part of the world.Andthe images you've posted certainly have captured that beauty.

Like Greg, I really haven't gone much beyond F8, with any great success,when using the 70-300.

Given the lighting conditions, those shots are really cmae out well.


Scouse Aug 26, 2008 12:03 PM

Thanks guys,

I've been enjoying this lens and I enjoy landscape photography. As soon as I can I'll be back to explore that park some more. Especially the tidal marshes. I'll use the others lenses (Kit) as well. Although Gregs shots have me thinking about "that" lens. That'll be a while though, got lots of other thing to 'spend' money on........


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