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I just bought the Olympus Evolt 510. I love this camera but just noticed that I miss shots somehow. What happens is, I try to get the shot and the camera just flickers and a green light appears to the right in the screen. I can not find the manual so I can not figure out what is wrong. Does anyone know? Thanks in advance.
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Are you using it in Live View mode or using the optical finder? Are you talking about the green AF confirmationcircle in the finder? There's not much to go on here based on "the camera flickers".

If you are using Live View I would suggest turning it off and using the optical finder to see if it works in the normal shooting method. If you've not read the manual and have obviously now lost it, there are things going on that you probably could figure out if you just had the manual to refer to, but your description is too vague for us to know anything. Go online and pull the manual up...

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I have been using the Live View Mode.

It is a green little circle to the right.

When I say flciker. I mean that I push down the button to take the picture and the flash makes many little flashes and the camera makesa flcikery soundbut the picture is not actually taken. When the button is released the view is of what I was trying to take a picture of. When the picture is actually taken you get a brief view of how the picture looks.

I am sorry but I am new at this. This hobby came from my years of scrapbooking.

Anyway, thanks for the link to the manual. I am sure you are right.
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i am also very new to dslr cameras, I too have the e510, it sounds like the camera is using the mode (Idont recall what it is called) to focus on the subject in low light. The flsh flickers enough to obtain a clear focus on the subject. Your best bet is to put the camera up until you find the manual, then read and reread and shoot and reshoot. Once you have found the manual here is a link to some reccomended camera settings. Good luck!

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Does it work ok using manual focus mode?
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If you just got the camera you have to give yourself time to learn it...with my previous camera (pictured in my avatar) I was still going to the manual a month after I bought it.

If the manual is too much for you there are other sources for learning the camera...first there are DVDs out there that teach you how to use the camera; although I had read the manual before buying my E-300 (as well as two other cameras so I can test them out in the store since I couldn't decide), there were still things breezed over and missed...I now use the DVD to refresh my knowledge before a big shoot.

Another source for info is from Olympus itself where there are FREE lessons:

Also check out the "Photo Lessons" link on that page.

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You all have given me good suggestions on things I never thought of. Thank you. This is helpful
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Just to add one suggestion to the above. Get familiar with your camera by using the viewfinder, not the live view. Practice with the viewfinder and get comfortable with the camera and controls. After you are at ease with the camera and its' operation, then practice with the live view.
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