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I have seen cheap extension tubes on ebay and other sites which claim to work with E-system cameras - however they don't have electrical contacts. This doesn't sound possible with lenses with motorized manual focusing such as 4/3 lenses. Am I missing something?

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Hi Calum

I'm not sure how they will work at all? Might be worth while googling and see it brings up. The only ones that I personally would get would be the Oly ones, but ordering from one of the US stores instead. I bought my 14-54ZD from Cameta Camera and that was nearly 50% of the Uk price, and with eth excahneg rate as is, the 1.4 TC would coem to just £150 or there abouts and the macro even cheaper.


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We're not talking about the EX-25 here -=edge=-...I've seen the type of converter mentioned in the opening thread, and it's definately not an EX-25 (which I happen to own), and it definately does not have electrical contacts.

In the thread we've debated whether it converts to an OM thread, or whether you're supposed to use it with the lens reset to "infiinty" and you move your feet and zoom to focus.

Until someone buys one of these, or someone puts up a page with more info, we won't know more about it.

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