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Can anyone tell if if there are any other flashes that will work with the E-500?

I know about the Olympus ones, but I want something a little less expensive. I don't see me using it alot.

If I get an Olympus one, I guess I would have to go with the FL-36 from what I have read, but just a little out of my budge right now. (Laid Off)

Thanks in advanced
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I use the Sunpak 383 with my E-1's. Use it in AUTO mode just like you would with a film camera. They're about $80 US new and you can always find them on ebay, but they're so popular they end up selling for not much less than that. You can get the flash, batteries (4 AA),charger and diffuserfor much less that the FL-36 alone.
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Let's start from basics...you can use ALMOST any flash you want that will fit into the hot shoe with regards to trigger voltage not being over 24v (a 2AA battery operated flash can have a trigger voltage over 200volts) and non-compatible TTL flashes (Canon, Nikon, older Olympus flashes for film cameras and older digital like the FL-40).

There are three types of flashes, manual, automatic, and TTL...with manual and automatic flashes you have to set a shutter speed under 1/180th and use the chart on the back of the flash to determine the aperture setting...IOW you have to use Manual mode on the camera and do all the setting yourself.

With TTL the flash and camera talk to each other...when you change a setting on the camera the flash will compensate, and vice-versa. Also with the FL-36/50 there's also automatic zooming of the flash when you zoom the lens, in the flashes' FP mode you can shoot faster than 1/180th (handy for fill flash use outside on a bright day) and also when focusing in lowlight the FL-36/50 will also emit a red glow to help the camera focus (rather than the strobing that's done by the internal flash). Just a note that other brands TTL (Canon & Nikon) are NOT compatible with Olympus TTL...also older TTL flashes like the FL-40 and those made for film cameras (like the G40, T20, T32, etc.) are also NOT compatible with today's digital cameras.
Personally I use the Olympus FL-36 for my every day shooting.

If I'm doing studio portrait shooting I'll use special strobes called monolights (these are units that combine a strobe with a halogen light and requiring plugging into a wall outlet). They operate like manual flashes with an adjustable intensity control, so again I have to do all the setting myself when using those.
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Thanks everybody for the info

I ordered the FL-36 from Onecall today. (It was on sale for 169.99, seemed to be a good price)

My niece's wedding is coming up soon. I wanted to get a good flash for that and have time to play with it before the wedding.

Thanks again for everyones help.

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