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hey everyone,

Im currently looking around for a fast prime lens for my e500. Something i can bring around with me without hauling my camera bag and take pictures of my friends and family without looking like the paparatzi.

The sigma 30mm 1.4 sounds nice on paper and looks to be very small and would be perfect as a walk about lens. Ive heard some reviews saying that the sharpness of this lens on the 4/3's format is less than ideal.

Has anybody used the sigma 30 1.4, lecia 25 1.4 or sigma 24 1.8?

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Hi Bag's

I've not used any of these three lenses yet but i do know that they are not small. Both the Sigma 30mm f1.4 and the Leica D 25mm f1.4 take 72mm filters and are the same weight as the 14-54ZD. Regards IQ, from what I've read the sigma is good when stopped down a wee bit but the Leica is just sharp even at f1.4 and apparently focuses very fast.The only downsiide to the Leica D is that its $800USD but then again your paying for a really quality bit of glass and thats cheap for a Leica summilux. No real news on the sigma 24mm f1.8.

Here's a wee review of the Leica D over at DC watch, although the babel fish translation leaves a wee bit to desire.


Here's a review of the 24 f1.8 on the E330




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I often need a grab-and-go camera for the purposes you described. So although Iprimarily use an E-500, I also have an Oly SP-550UZ camera. It is small and light, nicely finished, 7MP, image stabilization, with a 28 - 500mm (equivalent) lens. Howeverthe lens isn't particularly fast (f/2.8-4.5), and downsides are that it uses xD memory, has an electronic viewfinder, no provision for external flash, and applying a protective filter to the lens is a bit of a hassle requiring a 3rd-party adapter.But itdoes take good pictures (you can see some posted in this forum).

So it is an alternative you might consider - at $500USD it's less expensive than a Leica prime lens. Another alternative might be a used Oly E-20. But if you really want a fast prime lens for the E-500 I certainly understand!

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