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Default The fate of FT in UK camera stores...

Hi Guys

After the NFL rally i popped into the two big camera stores in the city to see if the E-5 had shown up considering the release date in Europe was the 29th Oct. Neither store had the E-5 and nor could they tell me when it was planned to show up. What surprised me was that there were no Oly DSLr's in either store...no e620's or E30s or lenses either.. nothing but just a few Pens and that was it and even those were totally eclipsed by Canikon/Sony/Pentax and even by Pana. I ended up wandering to what you could call a proper Oly dealer not too far from from these two stores.. they used to have all the Oly dslrs, and a good selection of SG/HG/SHG glass so I was even more surpised that they had no Oly SLR's, just pens and were still waiting for an eta on the E-5. I'm a bit lost for words but I'm planning to pop back in a week or two to see if they have a delivery of an e-5 or two but it was pretty depressing not seeing any Oly FT cameras on sale.


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If they've sold their supplies of the E620 and/or E30 there are probably no more to get. I saw B&H was even out of stock on the E5, which is probably a likely occurance off and on with the lower anticipated production numbers.

This is what we all have to look forward to. As E620 and E30 stock dries up everywhere, it's the E5 and the Pens and that's it. It's just a matter of time everywhere. I was at Arlington Camera last Saturday. They had one E3, one E30, one E620 and several boxes of lenses, flash units and lots of Pen stuff. Replace the E3 with the E5, forget the E30 and E620 and what's left is the E system at this point.

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