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Default A few new Senior shots...

Not exactly what I'd call perfect outdoor portrait shooting weather at 96 degrees, high humidity and little wind, but you get what you get, and at 18, it didn't bother the subject nearly as much as it did the guy taking the pictures.

Shot with the E30 and either the 12-60 or 50-200 SWD's, FL50R flash mounted on the Demb Flash Bracket and the flash connected to the camera using a Canon off-camera cord II, but no difussor...I just left the flash head bare with the extra wide panel pulled out and the head pointing forward.

I shot these RAW as I did (still doing....many more images to process yet) quite a bit of post work, including multiple Layers, Layer Masks and even utilized the liquify tool for the first time to correct a few issues with her mouth and smile she knew she had and asked me if I could do anything about. I did a little, but it was minimal as I didn't want to change anything in a really noticeable way.

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Greg, these are great, nice & interesting poses. I to have been tasked the past several years with shooting senior portraits & weddings, although by far not my most favorite form of photography, but because of the lack of "talented" pro portrait photographers in my local area, I always end up getting talked into shoots. The greatest struggle for me is in coming up with poses to best highlight a persons best features.

As far as post, it is the most time consuming type of photography I do, & is the main reason I do not pursue it as a career, I do not like spending hours on end in front of the computer. I do not know if you have tried Portrait Professional for your post work, but it is what I mainly use because the new version 9 has the ability to add texture back into the skin after the smoothing process. It is a stand alone product (about $99) and has very powerful reconstructing tools that are easier & quicker to use than photoshop or any plugins I have tried.

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These are very well done, you and she must be pleased...... nice work
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Mui excellente', Greg! I took some candids at a Memorial Day picnic of a couple of teens and their parents asked me to do their senior pics. I'm getting ideas for settings and poses. Although, the shoots won't be for another year, it never hurts to do a little planning in advance. These couldn't have come at a better time. Great job!
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Hi Greg,
Beautiful shots of a beautiful subject. She must be pleased with the results.

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Really nice stuff and a pretty lady. Old enough to be my granddaughter..!

I appreciate the amount of work that went into those shots, pre and post. You've got the lighting and skin tones just right, that's the hardest part for me in portrait pics.
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Thanks, guys!

I wish I could take more credit for the lighting on these, but the Olympus TTL system just flat gets it right with no fuss. I set the camera to program mode, the flash to FP TTL mode, set it to force fire each shot using the control panel on the E30 and concentrated on just compositions.

After totting around the E30 (body only, no grip attached), 12-60 and 50-200 for a couple of weeks with nothing else to see what it was going to be like for the couple of days it'll be on my neck for full days on my upcoming trip, and taking into consideration "other" non-photographic stuff that will most likely be my job to carry as well, I pulled out the charger and juiced up the batteries for my E620. The two SWD lenses are still going, but not the E30.
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Beautiful images of a real pretty model. Well done!

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Very nice, she must be pleased with the results.
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Nice work. The subject (and her parents) should be very pleased.

A. C.
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