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HarjTT Aug 23, 2010 1:19 PM

A few random pics.. some old and some new...
Hi Guys and Gals!

I've had some fun and games with the new LR3.2 RC - mainly it messing up the catalag structure that I'd setup in LR3beta !! Really annoying and added to that I noticed that a lot of the files that have been PP in earlier versions had some major colour shifts, so I ended up having to try and fix it.

Here's a few pics from both the E1 and E3 - all shot as RAW and converted into JPEG via LR3.2 RC (note theyre really low res versions as they were originally intended for facebook but then I read their T&G and decided against putting any pics on that site unless theyre all water marked!):

E1 + 14-54ZD: - Japanese Garden, Holland Park.

I've started to add a wee bit of vibrancy to my PP - just 15% but I'm not sure if it was really needed esp for the above pic.

E3 + 14-54ZD - Spitafields Market London.

E1 + 14-54ZD - St Pauls Cathedral

E3 + 35-100 F2 - Fashion Show. I gave up trying to use fight the E3's AF and ended up just shooting statics.

E3 + 14-54ZD - Dublin

E3 + 14-54 ZD - British Museum

E1 + 14-54ZD

I'm still struggling to try and sort things out with the catalog's in LR3.2RC - is there a difference with LR3 ? I think there is but its slight IQ and detail wise, but the NR is definitely working and working well, although I never use it.


Steven R Aug 23, 2010 5:34 PM

Nice series. Glad you shared those.

Tullio Aug 24, 2010 2:13 PM

I used to love that lens (I had the old version). Great B&W shots, Harj. I really like the perspective you chose to capture the cathedral.

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