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Default A few random street shots from London

1. The Shard, which I think is the tallest building in Europe and has a viewing deck at the top which I'm planning on going up too. Marcelo its close to London Bridge, so right in the heart of the city and just off the banks of the Thames. So when your over I'd say it'd be definitely be worth visiting and the view from up there should be pretty cool. The oly negative is that theyre charging 25 for vistors which is pretty steep.

2. Now I wasn't expecting to find a tudor ship in dry dock close to the Shard but there is and heres the rigging

3. The Shard.. close up

4. A true street shooter.. with a brush

5. Welcome to the London Dungeon


The Shard during construction in 2011 - E3 + 14-58ZD PP'd in LR

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Originally Posted by HarjTT View Post
...the view from up there should be pretty cool. The only negative is that theyre charging 25 for vistors which is pretty steep.
US$37.50? Holy crap! Is there some sort of entertainment or meal included?

Excellent photos again, Harj! Thanks!

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Hi Harj,

Great pictures and thank you for the info about The Shard.

I found a hotel in Belgravia, just few blocks away from the Victoria Coach Station, today I was checking online some maps of the "tube" and the city to understand better the layout of the city.

Somebody also told me to go to the public roof terrace of "One New Change" shopping centre next to St Paul's cathedral for amazing [free] views of St Paul's and to the south, had you been there? what time of the day is the best to shoot from that place?

Very exited to visit London and a little nervous about Paris, my level of french is really bad, I must say "0".

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Nice series of shots Harj. I was not familiar with that building, thanks for the photo. I have to agree with Ted about the price for the observation deck. But if you are a photographer, it would be worth the money to get shots from such an unusual spot.
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Hi Ted

My thoughts exactly when I saw the entry price ... only in the UK .. They should have a new welcome sign at the airports to warn any visitors :

" Welcome to the UK .. Prepared to be rinsed...politely of course"

I'm not sure how many people have gone up but the 25 per person did stop me right in my tracks from going and nope theres no food, snacks or entertainment.. you have to bring your own! Can you image that in the US or Canada.. I've been up the Empire State and it was no way near that price. You don;t want to know how much a 10min heli ride over the city costs.. ...

Marcelo - Belgravia's a good spot to pick and means your close to most of the locations you'd want to see and being close to a subway station is the easiest way to get about town and when it works the fastest. Any where close to St Paul's is going to be busy on the weekdays as its close to the financial district and it gets a little better on the weekends as you don;t have to deal with tourists and those working nearby. I've been to that shopping centre but wasn;t aware that your could get to the roof top, but then again I didn't really look. From St Pauls you can get to the National Gallery which is directly opposite and on the other side of the Thames. Its got a viewing deck and its free - behind glass of course that you might want to check. That's always packed out so if you get a chance to shoot without someone getting in the way is something else.

If you coming over soon, then the sunrises about 7:30GMT and sets at 4:00pm so you won't have much daylight but with the D600 that won't be too much of a problem. Paris, is even more flatter than London .. there's very few Sky Scrapers but both are going to be different to NYC.
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