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agott123 Oct 18, 2005 11:11 PM


I ´ve been using the S2 PRO for about two years. But since the new S3 Pro is no longer compatible with older Nikon TTL Flash or Metz with SCA adapter,and I have 3 of them, I took a serios look at the E-500. With the money I would get for my camera and lenses, I could buy 2 of the 2 lens kit... it a good deal ? So how can I know wich is better ?
I don´t mind the pixel nº, quite never shot with max resolution. But quality, noise, autofocus speed, lens qualty...

Any advices are welcome

S2 Pro
Nikkor 24-120 (Great)
Sigma 18-125 (so-so)
Nikkor 105mm F2.8 Macro
Metz 50MZ5
Metz 45CL-4
Metz 32MZ-3

fishumba Nov 20, 2005 12:07 AM

The E500 certainly seems to be a bargain for what it delivers, but you may want to take a serious look at the E-1, which B&H is selling for $750 now. If you're budget is tight, you could likely pick up the E300/500 two lens kit, almost unused and pretty cheaply on Ebay. If you can manage it, though, the Oly 14-54 and 50f2 macro would be dynamite replacements for your 24-120 and 105 macro. I have an F80 and the same set of lenses, and found those two oly lenses to be prefect replacements...even slight upgrades.

And the E-1 is a camera you have to *handle* to really appreciate. A Nikon with the same build, 100% viewfinder and ergonomics would cost you four or five times as much!

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