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fldspringer Apr 3, 2010 6:22 PM

First Macros of the year
(if there is an ad, i don't endorse it)

Pics will follow this post.

fldspringer Apr 3, 2010 6:41 PM

I rattled off 25 shots after this mornings rain.

This was the first time I attached my favored 50 f2 to my new EC-20. I had the Canon 250D attached for a little more than 1 to 1 magnification. Subjects are very limited and I shot on the sunny side of the house, which also served as a break from a stiff wind.

All are with the E-3 and the Metz 15 MS-1 and are either full frame or full height square crops.

This dandilion is still not ready to come out and play.

I loose infinity focus when using the 250D. This is as far away as I can get and still focus.

A small ant gave me a couple chances in the open.

A box elder bug flew in and landed on the dandilion I was working on and allowed a couple chances before it flew off again. This is the only one that worked out and this is at maximum magnification.

Its nice to have warm weather and the beginning of the bug season.

Greg Chappell Apr 3, 2010 8:44 PM

Looks like attack of the killer bugs! You do closeups on another level from me. These are great.

jelow1966 Apr 3, 2010 8:50 PM

Ditto! Love them. I tried some bugs on flowers shots a few weeks back but they were too small (rice sized at most) and the position too awkward to get a decent shot. Did get a shot of a spider in my sink, funny how shooting macro changes the way you look at things. I see a spider now and the first thing i think is about getting a shot.


Hawgwild Apr 4, 2010 1:43 AM

Hi Greg, I agree with the above comments, and I really like the red eyed bug. Great shots. Glad to see spring is coming for you.

fldspringer Apr 4, 2010 10:00 AM

First I'd like to thank you all for the comments. I feel very rusty in shooting these type of photos.

I had to push things a bit farther. I took off the 50 f2 and installed the 35 macro. This is with the EC-20, but I left the 250D off. These are all at maximum magnification, which is 2:1. Its not an easy setup to use in the field. The wind remained a factor, and bugs will be difficult with this setup, even in ideal conditions.

These are dandilion blooms which were still closed up from the night. All were at f11 (not enough) and all are either full frame or full height square crops.


fldspringer Apr 4, 2010 11:28 AM

more 2:1

Ground ivy bloom

Dandilions are opened up now.

Ants are tough, but this one is ok.


jelow1966 Apr 5, 2010 1:18 AM

Those are damn good for hand held 2:1. I don't even try more than 1:1 most of the time in the field. This is a case where not having old school stuff sure helps. As for ants, if you can find a nest they are easier to shoot. There are a couple of large ones at one of the parks I like to shoot in. Usually at least one ant will stand straight at me to defend the nest. If only the weather here was better, something to look forward to i guess. In the meantime I'll just enjoy yours.


zig-123 Apr 5, 2010 8:55 AM

Hi Greg,

Boy, I'd like to be as rusty as you!:D

Another fine series of bugs shots etc. As nice as those bug shots are, the only flies I like are the ones that catch fish;)


eharrim Apr 5, 2010 11:34 AM

Those are great shots, I can't seem to get the hang of it with the dslr but I could get some good macros with the 560.

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