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I finally decided to get a telephoto lens and picked up an old Zukio 135 f3.5 from ebay - my first ever prime lens as I think I'll wait for the new lenses before deciding which one to get. First impressions of the Zukio 135mm f3.5
1. Its small - and did I say its small and light weight :O.
2. No focus lock confirmation - a bit of a pain but wide open at f3.5 it looks pretty clear through the vf.
3. The balance of the E1 is off with the lens - my hand held technique doesn't feel as comfortable or stable at all compared to the 14-54Zd or when using the FZ10.
4. Working at a fixed aperture is definetlly a bit of a challenge.
5. Aperture - f3.5 is ok but next time I'll go for an f2.8 or faster lens.
6. IQ - pretty good to my eyes.
I took the lens out for a first test run yesterday after work and went down to Holland Park, London and here's a few from the 1 hour shoot. All hand held, RAw converted to jpeg in CS3, no cropping, ISO200 and between f3.5-8, 50% USM and on some pics just +0.5EVF in CS3 :

1. Peacock - eyes closed

2. Relax

3. Japanese Lantern 1 - no PP other than 50% USM

4. Birds

5. Waterfall - no PP other than 50% USM

I think for the £35 that I paid for the lens its a steal.



:? :O
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beautiful! I really like "relax" and both bird photos. I got the same lens basicly for free when i bought the OM adapter for my e500. Its full of dust specks and a pro would consider it garbagebut it still takes decent pics and seems solid.

heres a photo i looks in my backyard with the 135 f3.5

the black on the sides is actually part of my porch fencing.
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Hi Bat

Have to agree with you on the 135 - its a really good lens even though its only f3.5 and cheap as anything. I went for the 135 after reading a review of OM lenses on biofos.com where some of the old manual primes were just as good or better than the 50-200ZD and as I'm waiting to see how the new 50-200Zd SWD pans out was really important - plus theyre cheap as chips. What I need know is a 50mm f1.8 and possibly a 180mm f2.8 - Leica R's, Zukio's or CZ in the M42 mount would be just fine. I had a go with a 180mm Zukio f2.8 today on the E1 and that setup just feels perfect - I was amazed how balanced the camera and lens felt in the hand.

Thats a cool shot, and reminds me of a style that Micheal Grecco uses.

here's a few more from yesterdays trip to the Japanese Garden in Holland Park again using the 135mm Zukio:

The rest of pics - a mix of eth 14-54Zd and the 135mm are here -




:O :?
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