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just got a CompactFlash for my E500 today, and did a little test
between the S600 and the E500. As you can see from the results i don't
notice any difference, even on close inspection. I'm a bit dissapointed
as the CCD size of the compact camreas are tiny compared to the DSLR.
whats gone wrong.

Please Judge for your self

(Big Download ppl ,full res pics)

E500 pics



Sony DSC S600




the compression on the E500 is set to SHQ 1/2.7

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The pics aren't of the same things, but I definately prefer the E500 images.
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Agree with springer - the E500 shots are better. The first sony pic - is over exposed and the second is pretty good - sharp and the exposure is nearly spot on. The Oly shots are a wee bit soft, but thats usually expected from a DSLR, unless you up the sharpness in camera. The exposure on both E500 pics is spot on. If you want to get a bit more contrast/sharpness etc from in cam jpegs you may want to look at the E500's image settings - on my E1 I have everything set to low, including sharpness but as I shoot RAW these don;t come into play and I make the adjustements in RAW converter such as Lightzone/Lightroom.



:? :O
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Sure, the images don't look much different. But hey, that big expensive DSLR makes you look much more like a pro! :G

Honestly, as often as not, when I see these kind of comparisons, the point and shoot does win. Here, I think the E-500 only looks a bit better due to some processing. In fact it even looks overprocesssed a bit to me, but that's likely from in camera saturation being dialed up more than I'd like. While the S600 shot could use a bit more saturation.

In general though, you won't see much difference from a good point and shoot when shooting in good light and making normal sized prints. The main image quality advantage of the larger pixels on the larger sensor is less noise. This only becomes really noticeable in lower light or in larger prints.

Here's a couple of crops I blew up from those two images for comparison. This is a 200% crop (linear--that is it's 400% by area) from the E-500:

Attached Images
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Compared to the same section from the S600:

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