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i'm taking a trip out west this summer and i want to purchase a wide angle lens for landscape photos. i've always loved the look fisheye lenses produce, so i am looking into the zuiko 8mm f/3.5. before i put down a large chunk of money though, i wanted to see if anyone had any feedback on the lens or any sample pics?

i have to admit i'm really torn...i have also considered selling my oly for a canon xti and purchasing some of their lenses. i love my oly, but the four thirds system doesn't offer a lot of choices for types of lenses. ideally, i'd like to have a good prime lens for portraits, a fisheye, and a macro lens capable of producing good bokeh. i'm also into low light photography, so i'd like to find a lens that makes it easier to shoot without always having to use a flash (unlike with my kit lenses - they are worthless without a flash in low light!).

any thoughts to help me out with my dilemma? thanks!
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Hi Acer

I think Greg and a few of the others are better placed to answer your question as they have more of the ZD lenses than myself and if I'm mistaken Greg may have the 8mm fish eye in addition to the 7-14mm. I'm not so sure of the 8mm as a WA landscape lens - the 11-22mm may be the better lens. Here's some links for you:




For low light - you've basically got two options - use older manual focus lenses (cheap and plentiful with some really lovely fast glass around) with the appropriate adapter or purchase some fast AF glass like the Leica D 25mm f1.4 (tack sharp even at f1.4 and really good bokeh), the Sigma 30mm f1.4 or 50mm f2 macro (basically 3 different lenses in one - portrait, macro and low light).



:? :O

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thanks for your reply! i'll check into the links you've posted. i'm a bit hesitant to go the older lens route because i'm not sure how great i would be using a manual focus. i am lazy and like to make my camera do all the work for me!
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HarjTT wrote:
I'm not so sure of the 8mm as a WA landscape lens - the 11-22mm may be the better lens.
I have the 11-22 and it's as good as the reviews say it is. But "good" to most of us means very low barrel distortion and if Acerbicat is really looking for a "fisheye" effect he will be as disappointed with the 11-22 as the rest of us are happy. :-)

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There's supposed to be a standard quality (same quality as the kit lenses) ultra-wide (~8-16mm) lens coming next year, but it's still a year away.

Personally I'm contemplating getting the 8mm Peleng to help me survive until then.
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