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I had a read of LL field review of the new Canon 1D MK III which uses a cropped 10MP sensor, has Liveview, anti-dust esp as it has similar specs to what the E1P may eventually end up with and could well be the yard stick that the E1P gets measured against.


What really suprised me was the noise levels from the cropped sensor and how it compared to the full frame sensor in the Canon 5D in the report:

"One can also quibble as to whether the Canon 5D has been the best yet (my opinion), but there will be no argument that with the MKIII Canon has now exceeded what has come before, and has set a new benchmark for low noise.

ISO 100, 200 and 400 are noise free. ISO 800 is just starting to show a bit of luminance noise, but hardly enough to warrant any noise reduction. ISO 1600 looks similar to what ISO 400 looks like with my 1Ds MKII, and ISO 3200 is completely usable, even without post-processing noise reduction"

Whats been evident with the new E410 samples also is that Panasonic have managed to produce an NMOS sensor that from all indications is capable of producing very good ISO800 and good ISO 1600 files and lots of detail. Added to this is Panasonic's developement of a "new robust sensor" technology and as dpreview points out that the interesting part which would relate to camera's is this quote "which works out as a conventional onchip microlens to gather more light onto the photo diode area." Now we may not see this tech in a 4/3 sensor anytime soon but if it does appear I think we may just very good ISO1600/3200 which is something many thought we'd never see on 4/3 sized sensor.

Now for Canon to have managed to manufacture a cropped sensor in the new 1DMIII s with better low light performance than the FF 5D is pretty remarkable and this has got me thinking whether we'll see a major push to Full Frame sensors or if cropped sensors that continue to push the envelope will they remain the standard sensor for DSLR's?



:? :O

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hi Harj
i have a different take on it i think
i see 5D as one of the ultimate portrait tools, but one thing it cant do is very wide angle. Because when you get down there it has the same problems a FF M8 would have had, with less telecentric/more angular light that sensors respond badly too.

The microlenses are just meant to redirect that lightpath so that it gets a straighter shot at the sensor, this holds off the effects of light fall offat wide apertures, making more usable stops on the crop version than the FF version. It seems that with microlens technology as it stands around 1.3x is about as close to FF as we can go.

Given that, i dont see it as technology required for 4/3rds which do not suffer the same effects of fall off, but it may appear on APS C yet.

As to noise, heres a simple little test I have been floating around the net using review images.
Open PhotoShop, Noise Ninja, click reset/ click Profile-Image/read & record noise index

1D MkIII iso6400 NR? 52
1D MkIII iso3200 NR? 35
1D MkIII iso1600 NR? 28
1D MkIII iso100 NR? 13

5D iso1600 NR? 34
5D iso800 NR? 30

E-410 iso1600 NR OFF 35
E-410 iso1600 NR NORMAL 21
E-410 iso800 NR? 17

D40 iso1600 NR? 39
D40 iso800 NR? 31

E-400 iso1600 NR? 41
E-400 iso800 NR? 27

XTi iso1600 NR? 42
XTi iso800 NR? 29

E-330 iso1600 NR? 33
E-330 iso800 NR? 29

E-300 iso1600 NR OFF 73
E-300 iso1600 NR ON 70
E-300 iso800 NR? 56

there are no doubt a few flyers in the data set, (ie E-330) but it holds pretty good in most cases i think

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I think the trend is toward more cropped sensors. Another example:


The Fuji S5 Pro is a 1.5x crop that will also give the 5D a run for it's money. The MKIII is a 1.3x crop. I'm not sure how many people really need more than what you can get from that.

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the Fuji is being favoured as the wedding camera

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