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Default G1H video - by Pro videophotographer Phil Boom

Hi Guys

Just wanted to share these two links to what some pro videophotographers are already putting the G1H +kit lens + LeicaD/Zd lenses through. I stumbled across Phillip Boom's website and two short video's hes amde using the G1H:





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nice stuff. interesting. the only still camera i have that does video is a C8080.
i have a panasonic PV-DV953, but havent used it i years.

is the G1H something special?
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I'm not quite sure why this is in the Olympus DSLR forum rather than the Panasonic one.
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Default Thanks for sharing

Hey Harj,

Good catch on this film and info on Philip Bloom. If you watched the film, as I did, in HD full screen, it's quite impressive. The best ad I've seen yet for the microfourthirds concept, and the GH1 I've seen to date. This should sell a bucket load of cameras for Panasonic.

I hope the Olympus marketing group has seen this.

I've bookmarked Philip's site as he has an extensive amount of information that looks like it's worth reading.

Did you happen to catch the street video he made with the Canon 5d? All done in low light with a nikon 50mm f1.4 lens.
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Hi Guys

I think the G1H is pretty relevant to this forum as well as the Panasonic DSLR one as well. What were seeing with the G1H is hopefully what we'll see in Oly's own m43 cams. It'll be pretty tough for Oly to match the G1h as Panasonic has always been heavily involved in video but if they can and both companies can produce some compelling cameras then they have hit a six with M43 ... kudos to Panasonic for running with the idea and making a whole new bunch of people (pro/semi pro videographers look at 4/3 and M43) - check out this post over at dpr:


Zig.. I'm with you on Phil.. I book marked his website as he did impress me a lot with what hes been doing with the G1H. Some really fab stuff and makes me wonder how cool it'll be to switch between the two and on the fly!

As a still cam ... the G1H's sensor is going to be interesting esp if we get to see it in the E3's replacement as its already shown to be cleaner at higher ISO's than the G1's/E30/E620 - nearly as good as the Canon 40D's.



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