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HarjTT Apr 27, 2012 6:48 PM

Getting to shoot at a major event with Olympus kit
Hi Guys

I never thought I'd be shooting at a major event but the chance came up a couple of weeks back and I ended up getting hired to help make up the numbers for the event. The company organising the photographers wasn't able to guarantee that they could provide a camera so advised late comers like myself to bring your own kit, and surprisngly they weren;t interested in having the latest and greatest DSLR. For these guys less MP was better and especially for their prints. They did however want to check your camera to see if it was up to par.. and so far so good. On the day of the event, they check my E3 - everything was aok - MP , CF cards, etc was all fine but as my E3's all taped up they weren;t able to work out if it was a canon, nikon, pentax etc . When I told them it was an Olympus E3 I was told it wasn't ok to use it and that they would source me another cam! Needles to say the cam or the lens that they provided couldn't hold a candle to the E3 + 14-54ZD and I wish I'd been given the chance to actually show them what it could have done. I'm still surprised by the whole thing esp when the heavens opened up and they panicked about their kit getting wet, while the E3+14-54 just soaked it all up. I'd love to have been able to post pics, but you had to hand over the pics straight to the company as soon as you'd used up the card.



Steven R Apr 27, 2012 7:55 PM

What an interesting story. It also shows how the "herd mentality" prejudice has isolated some folks from the real facts.

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