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Default Got rid of some of my cabin fever

I alleviated my cabin fever and got outside this morning, with some sunshine before the next 3 days of rain. Played around with the ZD 9-18 on the L1, set at ISO 800 to keep shutter speeds up since the ZD doesn't have ILIS.

George Washington started the project to build a canal along the Potomac to bring goods into Washington, DC, by founding the Patowmack Company. It was unsuccessful, but the C&O Canal was finally built in 1836 and extended from Cumberland MD, to DC primarily bringing coal down from the Allegheny Mountains. It went out of business when the B&O Railroad made it unprofitable (canals were extremely high maintenance). The canal crossed many streams feeding into the Potomac River, which required aqueducts (a water bridge over a waterway). This is one of them - the Seneca Creek Aqueduct.


Many businesses operated along the C&O Canal. One of them was the Seneca Stone Cutting Mill, which quarried, cut, and shipped the red limestone used to build one of the most beloved buildings on the National Mall - the Smithsonian Castle, in 1855. The Mill hasn't been used much since then, as you can see here.


I also shot the PL Vario Elmar 14-150 on the L1. This lens never ceases to amaze me. This was shot at about 8" from the Azalea.



PS: Water bridges over water aren't common in the US, but Harj would tell you that they were very common in Britain which had an extremely extensive network of canals before railrods took over transport of goods there.

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.......those are nice pictures, particularly the Azaleas. The history lesson is interesting too, I like that.
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really nice Ted. nice contrast and saturation on these, and good exposures, just slightly on the underside giving the colors a nice richness.

i particularly liked the aqueduct shot here.
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Ted, very interesting story, & pics, thanks for sharing.
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Thank you all for your kind comments.

When I first pulled up the Azalea image on my monitor, my reaction was "Where did all that noise come from?" It took me a minute to figure out that that's actually the texture of the flower petals, which is almost invisible on the flowers to my eyes, without a magnifying glass... 8-)

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Very appealing images, Ted.

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Hi Ted,

Took a look at your gallery but was using a friend's laptop. So, I decided to wait to comment when I got home.

Well done. I agree with Dustin, in that the aqueduct is my favorite.

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Ted: I don't know if it's just the settings on my computer, but on your post I just see the link to Smugmug instead of the photo itself. So to check, I went to your site and copied one of your photo into this response. I see it when I post it here, so I'm not sure if it's just my computer settings.
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