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On my way hoem tonight I came across what I thought was a live Jazz playing but in fact was the 75th Birthday Celebrations for the Guide Dogs for teh Blind Assocation.

Lighting started off ok, but very rapidy became quiet poor with even the Pro that they hired was complaining that there wasn't enough light for his Canon 30D. Here's a couple of shots from the shoot - wish the 14-54 did have IS today just so I could have got some tack sharp images of the dogs.

The rest of the shots are here:




:O :?
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Yeah I am with you on that IS...but they look fine. Hey, you are way ahead of me, I just found my RAW images tonight. Tried eveything, had to take notes to remember what I did and where I had been, like bread crumbs on a forest trail...donna
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Given the harsh conditions you describe HarjTT I think you did wonderful with your photos. I know a few people who use these fine animals. Thanks for sharing them.
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Old Oct 7, 2006, 5:09 AM   #4
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A pro who complains there isn't enough light is no pro! I was at a slideshow where a so called "pro" wanted to take flash photos during the slideshow, blinding the paying customers viewing the show, not to mention what's on the screen...whereas I took photos in the almost darkness using a tripod and got both the people and what was on the screen.

As for the photos, if you want comments from someone who's a qualified judge the first thing I'd notice is you're cutting off the tops off...both the musician and the dog (this is called a merger with the edge of the frame, you want to leave some space). Also, your musician is too centralized. There are highlights in the background, but considering your subject it couldn't be helped, unless you positioned the camera differently to avoid them.

Have to say though the dogs didn't seem to be enjoying themselves, since the festival is supposed to be celebrating them. :-)
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Hi Donna, Mike and Jim!

Thanks for making the comments and Mike, your tips on the composition are much appreciated. Good point on the dogs as well and I noticed the same thing while I was there - they all seemed liek they wanted to be somewhere else!

Yesterday got me thinking about the Leica D 14-50 with its IS and faster lenses like the 50mm f2 or even the new Leica D 25mm f1.4 and if they would have been a better lenses to have had when the light dropped like it did.



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Interesting thread HarjTT, subject matter and photos.

I looked into aquiring a "dropout" Guide dog last year. The dogs that "fail" guide dog school are sold to families that would appreciate them. Unfortunately there is quite a waiting list as well as stringent rules on where and how they will be kept.

They actuallysend some oneout to your home and interview the family. Not the dogs, the association...:roll:
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