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Had a little play with the Pana G1 yesterday not too long but enough to give me a taster (indoors only). First thoughts:

* Its small. Even next to the DMC L10 it looked small and the lens 14-42 was tiny!
* Ergonomics - for such a small camera, Pana have the ergomonics just right. The buttons are the right size, the dial's etc are all in the rights spots and in the hand it felt really nice to hold. Now that really suprised me as I thought it would feel really cramped. How it would feel with a bigger lens I'm not to sure but if the M43 lenses (fast f2+) turn up and are double the size of the current kit lenses then I can still see it being comfortabel to use. I would not use my 35-100F2 on a G1 - it would just look way too odd.
* LCD and EVF - crystal clear and detailed. Very nice to use without any problems. The EVF is an eye opener - its bright, large as the E3's OVF and clear. My only negative thoughts were that there is a slight but noticable lag when focusing from one object to another. How the EVF is outdoors I'm not sure but the lag alone would make me think twice about the camera but if your the very steady, thoughtful kinda shooter (esp landscapes then its not a problem)
* Buildquality - nice, a lot better than I thougt it would be.
* AF - this thing focuses fast. Panasonic have done a fine job with the AF system on the G1. It feels as snappy and sure as the E3, may be even more so.

As I didn;t have an SD card I wasn;t able take any pics home and see what the IQ of the files are like. On the whole it is a pretty cool concept and as a first cam of its type its pretty impressive what Pana have managed to do. As a range finder style cam - M43 will really stand out.



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