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Default High Scool Sports Lens


I am quite new to this forum, but I have been following the posts here for quite some time. I am planning to do a plethora of high school sports shooting. These sports would include tennis, soccer, cross country, swimming, basketball, football, and others. I am looking for a lens which is at max $1000. I am primarily concerned about low light focusing and performance which becomes a big deal when shooting basketball and football. I have been considering the 50-200mm SWD (I currently have an E-620 with the 2 kit lenses along with the old 50mm f1.8 OM lens), but I have not looked at any other lens makers than Olympus so I may be missing some other good option.

Please help, Thanks.
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For what you want to shoot I think the 50-200SWD has to be the firstl option esp within the price range your looking at. There is the sigma 70-200 F2.8 (which could be a great lens esp with a constant F2.8) which you might want to take a look at as well but I don;t know what the qualtiy of that lens is like or its price. I think you should go with the 50-200SWD .. it'll give you great IQ, nice and sharp, fast F2.8-3.5 aperture, weatherproofing, great build quality and hopefully without any issues. If you can find the sigma 70-200 f2.8 in store then see if you can do a side by side comparison with the Zukio but I'd go with the Zukio.

Here's alink to slr gears review of the sigma:


one for the older 50-200 MK1




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I have used both versions of the 50-200. I had the original version back when my daughter was in high school and was catcher on the softball team.

I recently went to a girls basketball game and took my E30 and 50-200 SWD. With the much better high ISO ability of the recent Olympus DSLR's, it's an even better lens.

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I'm not an Oly expert so not sure what the max usable ISO is on the 620, but if you can't use 3200 then f2.8 won't be fast enough for indoors, let alone f3.5 if you are using the long end. Depending on the gym, even 3200 and f2.8 isn't enough, I've had to shoot 6400 and f2.8 at times. So a fast focusing prime might be needed for these situations. Again my background is sports, not Oly so can't advise on the lens options for that either.

For the outdoor stuff though that should be fine unless working under the lights when again you need the high ISO options.
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All right. Thank you very much guys. I will do some more research on the Sigma.
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