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Default How's this for a non photoshop effect ..

I took a few shots at a religious ceremony at a Sikh Gurdwara (Temple) in West London a couple months ago and the lighting in the temple was pretty poor - ISO 1250-ISO1600 or higher was still only giving 1/30 to 1/60s, I tried some shots at ISO800 and then pushing them by a stop or two in PP but I came away thinking that straight out ISo1600/1250 either from the in cam jpegs or pp RAW files actually looked better - finer detail and a lot less noise throughout the image so I've decided that if the light is as bad ISO1600 will still give some pretty decent results from the E3 even without using NN and the like. Regards banding, I didn;t notice any at ISO1250 and non that I can think of at ISO1600. There was another photographer there shooting with a Nikon D300 and he kept to ISO1600 throughout the 2-3 hours.

Back to the title of the post .. well I was pretty surprised with some of the OOF areas (as if I'd cut and pasted images within PS) in a few of the pics when using the 35-100F2. E3 RAW PP using LR 2.4.



3. ISO 1250 f3.5 @ 1/40s 100mm



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Hi Harj,
Good work in pp.

I do , however, get the distinct impression, based on what I said in Greg's post on the 7-14mm, that you're trying to drive me crazy with 35-100mm 2.0 shots. (grin)

I'll have you know it's working

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