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Default I am SOLD!

Ever since Olympus released the new E5 with the so-so spec/performance and a high price tag, I was wondering should I take a look at some other cameras.

I have been doing my research on the new Nikon D7000 for quite a while, this model is in deeply short supply across the whole NA and if you watch the market, it's sold for $200-300 above the MSRP from all vendors if they have it in stock.

Today I found a Nikon D7000 kit package available in a local Best Buy store so I bite the bullet and purchased the set even though the kit lens is not worth the money. I was just trying to see if the ISO performance was really that much of a difference between the D7000 and my beloved E-30. I did the test with my daughter right after I got back home. The difference was huge, you be the judge. I was totally blown away with the high ISO performance of this camera even though I still like the Oly user interface better.

I'm SOLD. I hate to see myself leaving this lovely community with so many knowledgeable photographers here but it's time to move on. I will put all my Oly gears on the market in the next couple days so of course you will have the first priority to grab them if you like
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You got yourself a very good camera, congrats. Yes the iso performance is a mark improvement.
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Hi Jacob,

Well, as I've always said; Life's too short, if you're not happy-go get what you need to make you happy.

I've also done a lot of reading and research, these last 5 months and based upon what I've read and the galleries I've seen, you've got yourself a great dslr.

congrats and enjoy.

best regards,

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How does it compare to the E5? Price wise, the D7000 vs the E5?
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You can check it out yourself below at the D7000 review on DPReview. These tests present an equal footing for both (any) camera(s), although the testing is very rudimentary. The noise filtering in the case of the RAW files is far from ideal for any camera so you do not see real-world possibilities with either model, and with Olympus models they do JPEG shots with the Standard noise filter setting.

I am not overly disappointed in what I can achieve with the E30 shooting RAW the times I need ISO 3200 and processing the files in Adobe Camera RAW with the new noise filters. I am guessing the OP here did JPEG shots on the samples posted above. My E30 RAW files at ISO 3200 do not look like that. ISO 4000 files from the E5 look better than that.

JPEG Tests on the D7000 and E5 at DPReview..


and RAW..


ISO 3200 file from the E5..

Enlargement from the center of the frame after applying my own noise filter settings in ACR is below. Noise could have been completely removed by simply moving the luminence noise filter slider all the way over to the right, with additional loss of detail.

Here's an E30 ISO 3200 file..

and a 100% crop....you'd never know the same camera that took the sample at the top took this image too, but you do have to shoot RAW.

The D7000 file posted above is very smooth....almost too smooth and looks to have plenty of detail loss/softening looking at it on my screens, both at home and at the office. take a look at that blue strand on her shoulder. The E30 file is noisy, but you also see ribbing in the strand. The D7000 file is smooth as a baby's butt....and the ribbing detail is virtually completely gone. Defnitely two very different amounts of noise "filtering" are being applied to those two files....and I'm not sure the D7000's application is much of an improvement in terms of noise control vs. retained detail.

I just received the latest PopPhoto mag with the D7000 review and see they only give image quality an extremely high rating to ISO 800 and rate the noise at ISO 3200 unacceptable, which is one stop earlier than the also-tested E5. From the image above, it's easy to see there is a noise (and detail obliterating) setting that will take care of it. DPReview in their review, while saying the D7000 high ISO performance is excellent (market segment-leading, actually) on the one hand, they also say.."From ISO 1600 upwards noise reduction is visibly smearing fine detail and textures but with the Nikon's 17MP files you have to zoom in pretty far to actually notice." Really(!), and you can definitely notice it in the above sample. DPReview's getting "soft' these days....pardon the pun. In the past, obliterating detail like that with a DSLR at a 100% view would be the kiss of death on that site. It'll be interesting to see what their E5 comments are like, and whether they give Olympus a "pass" on this like they did Nikon.

One things' for sure....if you shoot a lot at high ISO's with the D7000, you are in for a lot of smooooth images.....just don't go looking too close, or posting 100% crops!

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