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HarjTT Aug 26, 2006 12:05 PM

I've been wondering about which lenses to get and how many for my E1. Ideally I'd like to keep to just two lenses as I don;t have a big budget to splash out on but I do want to get better glass. I know the style of shooting is going to be important and I'm aiming mainly for portrait and street candids. For long range shots I'll keep my FZ10 with me. I want to replace the 14-45 with the 14-54 or better still the Leica D 14-50 when its available seperately from the L1 or maybe even attached to the DMC L1. My question is how much better is the 14-54 compared to the 14-45? I know its faster through out its focal range and this is something that I do want but are the images taken with the 14-54 sharper, more contrasty and show more detail than its sibling ?

Now in an ideal world, my second lens would be the 50-200mm or something similar - but I really want IS for a lens with that kind of range esp at the long end and esp if being hand held. So I'm willing to give it a miss for now esp as PanaLeica are planning to intro a 14-150 and 50-150 OIS based lenses in 2007. My only problem with these are they seemed to be aimed at the consumer end of the market f3.5-5.6 but you do get an extra 2-3 stops with IS. So what should my second lens be ? I've been thinking about the 50mm f2 macro to use as a portrait lens but am not sure as I think both the 14-54&Leica D may be more than good enough for that kind of work.




davEyboy16 Aug 27, 2006 12:46 AM

Harj, i too could not resist the discounting of the E1 and now have a second E1 with the 14-45 lens. My first E1 has the 14-54 and it's a much better lens in terms of build and performance at wider apertures. The 14-45 ain't a bad lens as such, it just doesn't have the performance particularly at it's wider settings and needs to be stopped down to f8-f11 to get reasonable results. It is however a lot lighter to tote round for the type of photography you seem to specialize in! Oh!, i too hanker for a 50mm.....

Norm in Fujino Aug 27, 2006 3:21 AM

HarjTT wrote:

So what should my second lens be ? I've been thinking about the 50mm f2 macro to use as a portrait lens but am not sure as I think both the 14-54&Leica D may be more than good enough for that kind of work.

If you can wait, and you're sufficiently well heeled to go after Leica lenses, go for them. I can't, personally, so I've settled on the 14-54, 50-200, and 50mm f2 macro. Those take care of most everthing I need, unless I could find a used 300mm f2.8 lens somewhere for a great discount.
If you're not sure, I'd get the Oly 45-150 and work with it while you're thinking. It's lightweight, has great performance and doesn't cost a bundle; if you decide you need more brightness or more reach, you can always go for the 50-200 or Leica later; you should have no problem selling the 40-150 since it's a very popular lens. One thing I would definitely avoid however is the Sigma 55-200. It is not bright, and gets very fuzzy beyond 150mm (basically you're limited to the same 150mm as as the Oly lens). Mine sits on the shelf.

stowaway7 Aug 27, 2006 8:20 AM

For my E-1's I have the 14-54, 40-150 (one of the best kit lenses on the planet IMHO, low cost too) and the 35mm macro. I opted for the 35mm as 1) it doubles as a good (and very lightweight) general-purpose walk-around prime lens and 2) the nearly $300 savings over the 50mm. I've produced some great macro results and can blur backgrounds when needed despite the f3.5 max. aperture (as opposed to the 50mm's f2).

HarjTT Aug 28, 2006 12:24 PM

Thanks Dave, Norm and Stow for all your answers - I think for now I'll look at getting the 14-54 and learn the E1 with that.

I've been thinking (that doesn't happen too often) on what the ideal walk around lens would be - the 14-54 I;d say is pretty close but a 14-75+IS or even a 14-100 +IS f2.8-3.5 would be even better and be pretty unique. I wonder if anyone at Oly or Pana has thought about such a lens ?




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