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I am new to the whole DSLR world and I want to learn how to take better indoor pictures. I am using the 40-150mm lens that came with my Olympus E-500 shooting indoor soccer pictures. When I get home and upload the pitures onto my computer they are all dark. Then I lighten them up in GIMP image editor but they the quality is really bad at a 1:1 scale. I think this is because of the fast shutter speed and low amounts of light so I slowed up the shutter speed to where the pictures were still clear (1/60) but I am still having the same problem and using a flash is not an option because it distracts the players. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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take a look at this thread


with the options you have its going to be tough.

i use the sport mode, turn your iso to 800,

you'll have to take test shots for the wb. good luck!

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First of all, you should preview your shots at the game to make sure of what you're getting. By the time you get home, it's (of course) too late.

I take pictures of my kids' indoor sports (wrestling, basketball, cheeleading, etc.) using the 40-150mm and an E-500. I gave up on sports mode, although that is a good place to start.

I either use full manual or (usually) aperture priority.ISO is set at 1600 and I set the white balance manually at the scene. Post processing at that high of an ISO is a must, so I use NeatImage to remove all of the chromiance noise (red and blue dots) and a wee bit of the luminance noise (salt & pepper dots). Be careful with the luminance noise removal, as that will take away detail if you remove too much.

Try not to zoom so much, since you'll get a better shot at F3.5 than F4.5. I set the focus for single point CAF and burst mode. You can always delete pictures that didn't turn out, but the more you take the better your chances of getting at least a few good shots.

I'm personally not a big fan of shooting RAW, since it doesn't do much good for me over medium quality JPEG. This is just me with my lack of experience with RAW, I'm sure.

Good luck and post some of your results.
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