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Default Information requested from OLY E20 owners

Hi Oly E20 owners

I am considering a purchase of an E20.

Thanks in advance for responding to my questions (below):

What is/are:

Approximate boot up time (from power on to ready to shoot?

Recycle time for Flash?

Use of DPS9000 battery - anybody tried it?

IG Compact/Ultra Compact Flash - anybody tried one?

Any noticeable difference in upload w/ultraflash v. regular compact flash?

Features you LOVE?

Wish list for improvements or changes?

Is there any place on the web to download the pdf for the manual for the e20? (not available at olympusamerica.com)

Thanks MUCH!
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Default E-20 manual....


There is much written on the E-20 - - if you search or care to read some of the threads here....

Much of the information you seek can be found in spades on the following site.... http://www.dpreview.com/forums/forum.asp?forum=1022

For a complete PDF of the ENTIRE manual get it from here - - - carefull - it's huge and even with DSL will take a bit of time to download... if you are on dial-up then Goodluck = you'll be there for a while....


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Thanks much, Higuma

Got the pdf downloaded.

Will check the dp link too!

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Only reason now what prevent me jumping into the removable lens group is the scarry possibility of dirt on the sensor.
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Waz, I am a former user of the wonderful E-10, and I can say that dirt on the sensor is not the end of the world. I have my D100 sensor cleaned almost once a week, some people don't get that much dust in months. I do weddings and have learned to live with the weekly cleanup. I am also fortunate to live nearby almost ALL major camera manufacturer headquarters, including Nikon, Olympus, Canon, and Sigma, and I get a clean-up in about 5-minutes on a good day, 20-minutes on a busy day. But sensor clean-up can be performed at certain camera stores, and if you feel you could do it yourself, there are how-to's on the web.

As for one of the original questions, the DPS-9000 worked beautifully with the E-10. VERY LONG charge, made all my AA Ni-MH obsolete for camera duty - all were used in my external flash. A very cheap alternative for the Li-PO battery, but you lose the vertical grip for the E-10/20.
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Hi marokero,

Appreciate the reply. Wow, u have to clean it once a week.
In your case should be ok du to your profession and near to those camera factories.

I am located in the S.E. Asia. Service is still below the standard.
Even Oly customer service is not reliable. Had call them last week to get a replacement part for my lost wide panel flash. After they took down my details....... I forgot about the call and they also forgot about me.

Anyway, I am just a casual photographer. I doubt I would have the budget to spent on more than 2 lens. Now my only other budget is to get the TCON-14B.

Battery.... so far I have 2 sets (2 x 4 pieces) of AA Sony 21000 mAh rechargeable. Very happy with the battery life. Good enough to last thru the day shooting (average about 300+ shots with preview).
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