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Default IS ISO200 too noisy for the EX 's

I've been going over the pics taken just before, during and after the Olympics and noticed at the Marathon pics that even when shot at ISO200 and properly exposed that there's way too much noise to my liking in a lot of the pics. I know the E3s sensor is coming on 5 years old, but I'd always assumed that at low or base ISO and with proper exposure, in good light noise shouldn't be a problem or am I wrong in thinking that ? Some of the pics are just fine but others you'd think I was shooting at ISO1200 or higher...

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Ummmm; I've not had that problem. I don't see noise until I exceed 400 with the E-3, and then usually only in underexposed shadow areas, and nothing that can't be corrected. I briefly went thru a few of my shots that had no post processing. Is this similiar to what you are getting with your E-3?

Here is a typical ISO400 with no PP:

And here is a typical ISO800 with no PP:
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Hey Steve

Those are looking good.. I realised my mistake only in good day light this morning. The shots were actually underexposed by 1/2 to a full stop and as I was tracking the runners I should have compensated for it but I didn't. Still theres pics that are just 0.5 a stop out that are definitely too noisy - it could be the way LR's processing the files on screen so I'm going to check and compare how the OOC jpegs look.

Planning on an Olympics 2012 gallery - so pics during the construction of some of the venues in 2009-2010 right through the games.
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