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wll wrote:
The E1 is a very good camera, the E-300 is what we are talking about. IMHO it is not up to snuff.
Well there you go. There's no accounting for taste. :shock:
Snuff is a subjective matter. The E-1 and E-300 have similar (poor) high-ISO performance and use identical glass (lenses), so one can't argue too much on that basis. I personally don't think the number of focusing spots or fps rate is a major factor, and they both are perfectly capable of producing excellent images, as the sites I referenced earlier point out. Different snuff for different folks, I guess.

As merely one example, I personally think Canon has gone over the top with their 350D (EOS Kiss Digital N); in my view it's just not "up to snuff" in the area of ergonomics. Perhaps to please their Japanese constituency, they've pushed the small-size factor even beyond the limits of the E-300, which detracts from its appeal--to me, despite its obvious strengths in the area of high ISO performance.

One thing I find genuinely interesting from the perspective of cultural "snuff" is the advertising strategies used by Canon in the two regions. In America, the 350D goes by the rough and macho name "Rebel," while in Japan the camera is called the Digital "Kiss," and Japanese advertisements appeal to the pacific instinct by saying that it represents the "softness of a parent's kiss to their baby." Obviously looking for different customer bases!

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Hope you enjoy the Pentax, although I think you would have been very happy with the E-300.Having used Canon 35mm with high quality glass for many years, held out a long time before going digital. I shootmostly in RAW mode and post process. You can make any good image "pop" with post processing.

Wonder if there is a parallel between some posted images and HDTV sales techniques? Many showroomHDTV sets, particularly Plasma, areadjusted for very high contrast and oversaturated color. This makes them look greatfor brief viewing in the showroom, but very tiresome for long term viewing.
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