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boBBrennan Jan 30, 2008 5:32 PM

..........well, I am now feeling better after going through the 'flu' cycles and starting to press the shutter release button on the E-3 a bit more.

While the flurries of out of focus, it ain't as good as Oly says, maybe the SWD lenses will save it from whatever, and all the other rumor stuff the E-3 may be afflicted with circulate, I for one am very happy to have gotten the camera. So far I've not seen the STUFF mentioned by some on other forums. In fact I like what I read here and allow a strong credence to what a few 'Oly' folks here have to say.

Goodness! I just may be the most novice of the E-3 owners posting in this forum, so knowing and accepting that, I pay attention to those who show and tell me things I want to learn from. Thanks Harj, Riley, Ted, Mike to name a few. BTW, I keep a UV filter screwed onto all my lenses because I feel better when scratching dust from a filter instead of the lens. So far I haven't recognized a focus issue that was not my own doing. As quick as the E-3 is I still hit the trigger a bit soon on occasion.

As for 'action' focusing this is a set taken on an overcast day using the 50-200 ZD. Hoping to learn the E-3 before baseball season starts. are a couple pictures I took today of some roses. They won't win a contest but for me they're not too bad, shot in RAW, the lens 14-54ZD @ 14mm f/2.8 ProMaster 5750 flash.

...........this photo ISO 800 converted using Therapee

...........this photo ISO 250 converted using Bibble Pro

HarjTT Jan 31, 2008 3:15 AM

Hi Bob

Thats a pretty fine shot and you got some good action shots in the gallery too. I'm about to get the E3 this week so we can all learn together.



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