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ok new lens, bit soft wide open, but a killer at F2

100% crop

and F1.2 portrait

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I can remember reading some posts a while back about a mod you can make to the Hexanon lensees so they will fit on an Olympus dSLR. Here's an article showing how to modify that same lens:


Was that your approach to it?

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very nice. 1.2 opens up a new dimension to play in. &some fun things to do in pp.
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Interesting assortment of images. Great IQ on the first three.

Not sure if you're aware of this website but here's a link to a German fellows website dealing with all things having to do with the Konica line of lenses and cameras. He has a detailed listing andimage quality assessmenton most all of the Konica Hexanon AR 35mm lenses. If anyone is interested in getting some really good manual lenses at very low pricing, this should be the reference site for which Konicalenses to buy or not to.


The good news about the Konica Hexanon line of lenses is that all the AR lenses use the same basic mount as the E-series Oly cameras-so no adapter is required. There are a couple of spacers that need to be added to the lens to eliminate about 2.5mil of extra space.On some lenses, the aperture limiting cam needs to be removed. It's a rather straight forward mod and should take about 15minutes.

Yes, Jim, the instructions on the link you provided are the ones that one would follow to make the mods. Although, there are others out there who have made more elaborate mods.

I've had a Konica Hexanon AR50mm F1.7lens thatI occasionally bring out andshoot with. Here's a link to one of the photos taken recently.



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