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HarjTT wrote:
Ted, if you do buy the 14-35, I'd like the honour of testing it for you, esp as I don;t have a problem taking the blame!
Hah! Now that will work well: "Well, dear wife, you know we Buddhists are supposed to help people. So the only reason I spent $2300 on a lens is that I have a friend in England who wants to try it out."

I'm aiming for the Leica - that extra stop of light, esp if your shooting in low light is going to be really useful and if needed I'll use my feet to zoom in a wee bit.
When shooting indoors I don't necessarily have the room to move around - sometimes it requires that I teleport myself through a wall and I haven't mastered that technique yet. Plus the wallwouldn'thelp the camera view anyway <grin>.

But Ialready have the Oly Zuiko D 50mm Macro f/2 so I'llprobably get the Leica 25mm. That will give me the equivalent of fast 50mm and 100mm, and between those two I should be OK indoors. Plus the two of them together are probably lighter in the camera bag than the 14-35 F2, albeit not as convenient.

However, I'll happily return your offer and try out the 14-35F2 if you get one.


PS: I honestly believe that eventually the price of the 14-35 F2 will come down in the future - I just can't imagine it has the same manufacturing cost as the 35-100 F/2.
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