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Default Leica S camera released

I just read the press release for the Leica S series digital camera on DPreview.

This is a premium camera whose specs are:

The S2ís image sensor was developed especially for the S system by Kodak. With a resolution of 37.5 megapixels, the 30 x 45mm CCD sensor has an area nearly 60% larger than that of a traditional 35mm camera.

Sensitivity of ISO80 up to ISO1250, low-noise images can be captured under limited lighting conditions.

frame rate 1.5 frames/sec.

Pricing starts at $30,000

And we hear complaints about lousy high ISO performance, slow frame rates, and exorbitant pricing for the Olympus line of DSLRS.

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Leica works under a whole other set of parameters, and not always for the better. It would be interesting to know how many of these are actually sold besides the one Michael Reichman of Luminous Landscape fame will buy since he seems to have one or two of just about everything. It takes another $20,000-$30,000 to build a somewhat complete lens set, depending how long you want to go.

The specs are quite underwhelming for a sensor that size, which probably goes a long ways towards explaining why Olympus dropped Kodak sensors a while back.

This is a system you know is going to fail commercially before it ever hits the streets. I can't even see Leica collectors being that interested....just imagine what a special version of this thing with some rare finish would cost!

They'll never sell enough units to make up what they paid developing it, and Leica's the last company that can afford that.

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