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HarjTT Sep 28, 2006 8:00 AM

Spotted a camera crew out on location yesterday on the way into work and I couldn't help myself and take acouple of shots.

1. Interview in progress

2. Lights Camera and no action ! I had just taken athe first shot very discreetly shot seconds earlier when the young lady stopped the interview and tried to give me a verbal ear bashing. Unfortunately for her I was in quick fire verbal mode (polite of course) :G

As always all shots taken in manual mode, ISO200, spot metering and with the 14-54. Converted from RAW with Lightroom 4 Beta - which if you've not tried it is a big improvment over version 3 as they've apparently taken quiet a bit from RaWshooter and implemented them into this version.



:O :?

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