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From dcwatch (Japan):
compare to:

I thought the ISO 1600 shots were interesting (D40, D80, XTi, E-410):

And, 8 pages of review, samples, and test from a dutch site:

Also Ian Burley of dpnow comments, while posting a link at fourthirds.com to the first part of the DPNow rewiew:

So far, I'm very impressed with the E-410 and certainly when evaluating JPEGs, image noise is noticeably superior to the E-400, which was - in turn, an improvement over the E-500.
Finally, a second installment of Japaneese eye-candy from the dcwatch "Phtotgenic Weekend" feature.

With some interesting comments from the photographer. Something about the best camera he's used this year in doing this series (though babelfish translation is somewhat garbled).

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Looking very good isnt it
Greg must be sitting on pins

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Looks as if Pana's pulled off something special with these new sensors. Its making me wonder what sensor the E1P is going to get, esp if the quality is as good as it looks from the PanaNMOS. Pricewise, I beginning to think why would anyone go for the E410 - for roughly $100 more you get the same size in the E510 and the bonus of IS and a larger grip.




Just glad to see the forums back on line !!

:O :?
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Yup. A less babelfished translation of the conclusions from the pixelmania site above:

With the E-410, Olympus takes a considerable step forward in image quality at high iso. Performance of the new sensor and processor is excellent. The kit lens is a good standard zoom, which has only 3% barrel distortion at the widest angle.

With the top pro lenses the camera performs astonishingly. The E-410 is a very attractive dslr especially for traveling photographers. The lower iso noise at high iso's will make it possible to use it indoor without flash. The only thing we miss is the the lack of a stabilization system, for that you have to wait for E-510, also announced at PMA 2007.

Because of the deliverd picture quality we give the E-410 a Pixelmania Award in the category digitale SLR's. Anyone who is looking for a compact DSLR can't avoid the E-410. Recommend!
So that's positive comments from both DPNow and Pixelmania on the high ISO performance, and the DCWatch images seem to back that up.

When you think about it, the sensor in the E-500 is actually the same as the E-300, so that's been in use since 2004. With the E-500 Olympus only improved the processing on their end after having some experience. Then, the E-330 was their first effort with a Panasonic sensor. The combination of a new up to date sensor and Olympus having had a chance to refine the processing some with the n-mos type, should deliver good results.

I think it bodes well too for Olympus in the future. It looks like they're doing a good job on the image processing. As long as that continues, it may not matter too much in the long run who is making the sensors. Think of the difference between the D80, and the A-100, using the same sensor. Sony makes that sensor, but Nikon does a better job of processing.

I think Panasonic makes some good sensors on their point and shoots. They get criticized sometimes for their poor processing and noise reduction at higher ISO.

I think we should start seeing some US reviews in the next couple of weeks. Jeff Keller at DCResource has it listed as an upcoming review in April.

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