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HarjTT Sep 28, 2010 7:58 PM

The MP race ... a view from a Panasonic engineer
An interesting interview with the lead Panasonic Lumix engineer translated and with a summary over at eoshd, esp with regards to MP count and how the eng's thougt that 12MP was just fine for the GH2 sensor but were bounced into upping the ante by the marketing team. I also found the writers thoughts on the Canon upping the MP race with the 7D interesting too.

The full interview is here:

The other intersting tidbits, that even for a company the size of Pana, the Lumix R&D team had to drop things that they wanted to do for the cameras in favour of what the marketing team wanted them to bring to market - 3D lens etc.

Regards, sensors its possible that the E-5 didn;t get the the GH2 sensor simply becuase Pana couldn't gurantee supply. That was the case for the GH1 and also the LX3, where Pana was simply unable to cope with demand and it looks as if the GH2 may have the same issue.



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zig-123 Oct 2, 2010 7:19 PM

Thanks for the links to these 2 articles.

Makes me wonder who Panny's marketing group is listening to what they are basing their decisions on.
I can see some possible resources being diverted to 3D lens devlopment. But, frankly, 3D is a gimmick - IMHO.


Mikefellh Oct 2, 2010 7:46 PM

Well most of us have two eyes so we already see in stereo, and of course there's all the 3D TV's being made now, and personally I've been doing 3D photography for years...and when one of the local camera clubs have a 3D night it's always a full house. Also the photographic Society of America have a 3D division.

3D has been a fad just like colour has been.

Fuji has already brought out a 2nd edition of its 3D camera (I'm considering buying it).

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