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Default My first DSLR experience with Oly E510

Hey all,

I'm a newbie to the DSLR world and its encouraging to find so many people who are passionate about photography. I got my first DSLR Oly E510 3 days back and took it for test shoots.

Having never used DSLRs I didnt know what to expect but the results even at standard quality (800kb) is excellent. I'm still exploring the hows and hopefully will get better. I'll be traveling up into the mountains next week and hoping to get some stellar shots.

Your experienced views about the photos will help me critically evaluate some of the things I may have missed. I also plan to get 1 additional lens in 2-3 months time and would appreciate if you guys can recommend an appropriate choice.

All the photos are taken in manual mode using kit lenses. The photos attached are taken with the 40 - 150mm lens.

Attached Images
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Default Welcome aboard

Hi and congrats on getting your new E-510. Hope you have as much fun with yours as I've had with mine.

Since you mentioned that this is your 1st dslr, I would recommend a few things;
First off, learn everything you can about your camera and it's controls. A good place to start is at a site known as wrotniak.net. There are a myriad of articles on all things to do with Olympus cameras. Here is a link specific to the E-510: http://www.wrotniak.net/photo/43/e510-rev.html

Another suggested reading is this article relative to suggested settings for the E-510: http://www.wrotniak.net/photo/43/e510-sett.html

Visit the Olympus website. There you can find all sorts of tutorials relative to specific types of photography.

Oh, and I almost forgot: READ YOUR MANUAL!!!!!

You mentioned that you took your photos in manual mode. You might want to use the camera in auto mode first. The camera is pretty smart and can determine the best settings for static shots. You can then take a look at the EXIF files of the photo in your graphic editor to determine what settings the camera used to get the shot.

One caveat is that the E-510 is known for not handling high contrast situations as well as it could. I usually set my contrast and sharpness at -1. I can better control really bright areas of a photo in PP using these settings.The settings may have helped improve the really bright areas of the image of the ducks that you posted.

As for any recommendations on a new lens. My advice is to master the lenses that you have and not worry about buying another lens until such time as you have a clear idea of the type of photography you would like to tackle and your current lenses can't accomodate that goal. You will find that you'll probably change your mind a couple of times as to what you think you really need.

Lastly, take lots of pictures, post a few, and above all have fun!

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Thanks alot Zig for encouraging remarks.

I would certainly go through the web pages you have s****ted and will also go through the manual simultaneously.

I am amazed by work of some people in this forum and thats the bechmark I would like to set for myself.

I will keep on posting pics and would look for your critical evaluation. I might even take a photography learning course.

Thanks again.

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Welcome to the Olympus DSLR Forum. It looks like you are really enjoying your E-510.

Sarah Joyce
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Oh yes.
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