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fporch Jun 27, 2004 11:43 PM

Hi Friends - As you might recall, I sold my DRebel set-up to convert to the
E-1 before I had too much into lenses. As I promised, here is is a link to my first E-1 posts (it will be the most recent Northern California album).

I'm really happy about my decision to switch to the Olympus E-1 system from Canon. I want to stress that I'm not knocking the DRebel -I just couldn't get the images I needed from the DRebel.. I post this as a reference for DRebel users as a former Drebel user who might want an opinion on another SLR. Besides - there is no one in the E-1 forum??..... For the type of shooting I do, I couldn't get the result I wanted with a DRebel, even with using the Canon IS lenses that I tested for a few days. In fact, my better images still came from my Tamron 28-300 (OK, that'll be the last rant you'll hear about that subject.) Here's a few pros and cons that I can offer after shooting with the E-1 for a week on vacation ;

- I found I could access and change the setting easier and quicker with the E-1, probably because it has two wheels like the Cannon and Nikon upper SLR's. The camera feels very pleasant in my hand, it has a nice weight.

- The tracking time and lens lock is much faster on the E-1, however, the three point focusing does not work as well as the DRebel nine point system.

- For the type of shooting I do (a lot of still life with side and back lighting), the E-1 images have more clarity - which was the main improvement I was looking for. I do a lot less sharpening and other post edits on the E-1 images. The color saturation and match is also noticeably more accurate and pleasant

- The weatherproff design and vibrating sensor completely removed my anxiety about frequent lens changes that I have worried about often in this forum

- I have had one program glitch with the E-1. The image lock indicator stooped working. An image will still lock, I just don't get the visual cue. Olympus thinks I have two corrupted 512 cards, I but I doubt it. A minor issue that I will continue to pursue with Olympus; hope this is the only such flaw.

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