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Got asked by one of the girls at work to do an outdoor fashion shoot for her a month or so ago. It was my first attempt at it and boy is it really hard work but I did learn quiet a bit from the experience.
1. Location - spent quiet a bit of time tryign to track down different locations in town for the shoot, eventually finding one street where it was very quiet.
2. Need to be aware and on the ball 100% for composition, the models clothing (ruined a whole series becuase I didn't spot that her top wasn't straight)
3. Communication - has to be the hardest part. It's so much easier doing candid's and street shots!

Here's a few shots - what do you think ?

1. Mistake I made here was to crop the shot too much. Top of the hat, her feet and the right side.






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the second and third have a good look to them
theres something awkward about the pose to the fourth but i cant explain what it might be

might be something like getting the subject to look into the frame, perhaps not at the camera tho

im utterly hopeless with people so its not easy for me to say

BTW do you typically underexpose 2/3 to 1 stop in B&W Harj ?


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You have made an excellent beginning. I agree that #1and #3 aretoo tightly cropped. The model would look much less contorted is she was facing the camera more directly. All in all it was a good experience I'd bet.

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Old Jan 21, 2007, 7:05 AM   #4
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Hi Riley/Sarah

Thanks for the comments on the shots. I found the whole thing very tough but enjoyable at the end. What I really need to work on is being able to communicate how you want them to pose and look and I guess the only way you can learn that is by lots of practice. I'm like you Riley, I just find it a lot easier to take a candid shot or two of someone and then move on but this thing is a different ball game altogether. In total I took 250 shots over 3 hours and that for me was also another eye opener.

Regards exposre, I always underexpose by -2/3 to -1, I'm much more comfortable with doign that although I've started to play aorund with slightly overexposing. Here's, one that I accidently completely over-exposed by quiet a bit and then had to try and fix in lightroom but we both liked the effect.



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Photography is mostly a matter of making / finding some interesting light and within it a very good composition. I think you should experiment with light first in a studio. Some photoclubs have their own studios (or used to).

To do outdoor lighting in sunshine, you need reflectors, umbrellas etc. See for example here http://www.photoflexlightingschool.com/index.html and http://www.olympusdigitalschool.com/...ons/index.html.

This guy is an expert in indoor lighting: http://desian.photoblog.com/ (unfortunately no fashion stuff).

Your third photo is good, though a purist may say that it is slightly too tightly cropped at the top because of the black hairthingie. The light is the other ones is too harsh for my taste.


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Wow HarjTT, I look at a lot of magazines here in the US, and your shots are very much like the ones I see in my monthly mags. donna
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