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jackyuen Dec 12, 2003 3:15 AM

My new E-1
I've recently purchased a Oly E-1 with the 14-54mm lense, 512MB Sandisk CF and 67mm Hoya UV filter. Previously using a Oly C-2 & C-750 with FL-40, I managed to "save" quite a few items for the E-1 i.e. RM-1, FL-40, FL-BK01 and FL-CB01. Frankly, I'm just a serious amateur, learning from mistakes and hopefully, with this camera, I could make myself a "professional" photographer at the local scene.

After trying for a few days, I'm concern about the AWB. Although many reviews claimed that it's excellent in terms of its "one-touch feature" and auto detection, I think the AWB does not give me the "exact" WB when using the FL-40. It's sometimes orangey and reddish on white surfaces, making human skin like pumpkins. However, if I capture without the flash, it give natural WB. I don't "play" around with the WB settings, even in the previous Olys. The vendor seems puzzled, claiming that Canon 10D with 550EX before firmware upgrade gave this problem. His assurance to me is to wait for Olympus to issue a firmware "upgrade" to correct the problem(s), if this AWB issue exist in the E-1 manufactured to date.

Can someone tell me whether it is just me or is it the camera?

Other than this problem, the E-1 is truly a pro DC. Focusing is extremely fast and sharp, excellent low-light shooting without flash, lightweight for a SLR, weather/splash proofing (you'll never know) and my primary reason for buying this camera over Canon 10D is the 12 shot, 3fps sequential shooting in any format (I use TIFF after testing with HQ first). Although the pricey and lense options for now are limited, I definitely have no issue not to upgrade to a "better lense" in future. In fact, I think I'll just stick to the 14-54 and 50-200 lenses for my shooting needs.

Kudos Olympus for this great camera.

digcamfan Dec 14, 2003 10:04 PM

Hi Jack :)

Thanks much for your review of the E1.

Congrats on acquiring a fine digital camera.


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