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Default Need some reassurance

The E-620 looks like a majestic piece of equipment. It has what I want out of a dSLR. HOWEVER, being the typical family man that I am (wife, two kids, only me working, estate car, you know the type ...), plus the fact that I live in France where it seems 4/3 lenses are about the price of a newborn male child, I'd like to know what sort of lens collection Olympus users have and what sort of lenses I may need. I'm aiming for a Xmas purchase - need some time to allocate budget.

The things that I do with my SX10 : takes pictures of kids, take pictures of kids on beach, take pictures of landscapes, take pictures indoors of kids. Once the kids get bigger, there may be some sports stuff. Fast auto focus is pretty important. From extreme usage of the right and left arrow keys in SmugMug, I have determined that 95% of the pictures I take are at 28mm (35mm equivalent). So something wide-ish and fast is required. The 14-54mm looks like a contender to me. As does the Pancake.

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Default Hello Matty,

I do not own an E-620 but do have an E30 which I purchased in April. The E620 and E30 have many of the same features and employ the same sensor so the output will be essentially the same. I can say that the E620 should be a good camera for you to consider, based on your shooting requirements as outlined on your post. The kit lenses offered with the E620 are typically better than the kit lenses offered by other camera manfacturers. The standard kit lenses are 14-42mm and 40-150mm. Because of the sensor employed there is a 2x factor in comparison to 35mm. Simply put, the 14-42mm will actually be 28mm to 84mm while the 40-150mm will give you a range of 80 to 300mm. both of these lenses are really high in image quality.

You mentioned that you would prefer the 14-54mm lens. I own and really love the output of that particular lens. But, that in no way diminishes the IQ of the 14-42mm, which is very close to the 14-54mm. The 14-54mm is a bit faster at 2.8 and in low light would offer a distinct advantage. My suggestion would be to get the E-620 with the standard kit lens and then really get to know the equip. before you decide to buy add'l lenses. Your needs may change once you get fully familiar with it.

One of the strong points of Olympus' DSLR product offerings is the IQ of their lenses. Their line of lenses isn't as large as their competitors, however, the lenses they have are very highly rated in all of the reviews.

For one reason or another, they're aren't a lot of E-620 users that post in this forum. My suggestion would be to take a lok at the Oly forum on Dpreview.com as there are many posters there who regularly discuss the E-620.
Also, here is a link to a gallery of images posted by Brian Mosley at PBase.com All the images were done using the E-620 using various lenses. It shoud give you a good idea of the capability of the camera.


Lastly, I urge you to try the camera out before you buy. It's important the the camera feels and handles to your liking. It doesn't matter how good a camera is if it doesn't feel right in your hands.

There are many fine choices out there today that you really can't go wrong with any of them. It's more a matter of what suits you and your style of shooting best.

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cheers for your reply zig-123. And cheers for the link.
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