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Originally Posted by Tullio View Post
The fact that they mentioned "matching the EPL1..." proves that the EPL1 is/was indeed a better camera than the EP1/EP2 in many respects.
No, it just says that the E-PL1 is a newer camera with a newer focusing algorithm, that has now been added to the older PEN cameras.

The E-PL1 (especially the back) reminds me of a D-Series camera (cheap, low-end consumer P&S with very basic controls), certainly not worth being called "better" than the E-P2, or even the E-P1!
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actually being a newer camera does in fact make it better in many respects... simply the evolutions of the generations of Pens, and you would expect them to be better.

most importantly is the lighter AA filter, which makes the EPL1 outresolve its sister models, and can take more NR before losing detail.

pop-up flash with wireless flash control.

output port (only an advantage over the ep1)

so yea, in many respects it is better, which is a good thing. because these things and others will be incorporated into the EP3 (or whatever designation it goes by), plus the control wheels and sturdier chasis.
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Jim C - thanks for un-sticking the old stickies! I appreciate it.


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Yesterday I updated my EP1 with the new F/W and indeed AF is significantly faster, particularly with the Oly 17mm pancake (although I did notice a slight improvement with the Pana 14- 45mm as well). I never felt the EP1 AF speed was a problem to begin with but now I find it just as fast (if not faster) as any DSLR I've used in the past. Now Oly needs to fix the behavior of the MF assist so that the camera exits from the zoom by half-pressing the shutter.

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The firmware also resolve compatibility with all m4/3 and 4/3 lenses on the market, that the ep1/2 had with slow focus when using sigma lenses.
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