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I just wanted to chime in saying hello to all the fellow Olympus folk. I am very new to dslr, the E-510 being my first. I purchased the 2 lens kit from B&H. It seems everyday I find another function I have read about in the manual. This camera is so much more advanced compared to the Kodak Z740 I started out with in 2005. I have taken loads of shots and have deleted as many. Here is one I have kept that I would like to share. Comments are welcome.

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Congrats on making a wise buy. The folks at B&H Photo are pretty nice and their pricing always seems to be very competitive.

Nice pic.

Happy shooting !! :|



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Hi Silver

Congrats on the new cam and also for posting a shot too! I like the pic - esp the compositions good and so's the white balance/colour but the birds just a wee bit soft - so I'm assuming you were either handholding the camera and theres a wee bit of camera shake or the shutter speed should have been faster to get a sharper image.



:? :O
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If you haven't already, check out the following links for useful Olympus information about your camera:



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Thanks for the welcome and comments on my pic. Harj, I shot this in auto mode and yes handheld. I am trying to use the auto mode to get an idea of where I need to be. I think it is going to take me a long time to get this baby down. But I definately love the camera.
Mike, I have these links bookmarked already, thank you for posting them up though.
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Welcome to theforum, OS. The E510 was my third DSLR (I had Nikon D40 and Pentax K100 prior to the E510) and I must say that the learning curve is much steeper for the E510 compared to the other two. Perhaps due to the endless amount of customization Olympus enabled on that camera, making it hard at times to pick the best choice of settings. However, once you've adjusted the settings to your liking, you'll find that you hardly miss a shot. Images are crisp andwell saturated.If I was to buy the E510 today, I'd get just the body because in less than two months, I already upgraded the WA to the awesome 14-54mm and the long zoom to the old 40-150mm (and yes, the old is an upgrade over the new...it's bigger...much bigger in fact,but sharper and faster and it does not cause blown highlights). I've also bought the 70-300mm, which I happen to love.I purchased the 35mm macro prior to the 70-300mm and returned it because I was having problems with the AF.That was my first lens acquisition less than 2 weeks afterreceiving the E510 and now I kinda regret have sent it back. I think I understand the camera a lot better andwould most definitely obtain much better results with that lens today. So, I'm keeping my eyes on eBay.
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